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    Mark McGhee - New Barnet Manager

    Hmm The positive I can give you is that he may be able to turn it around in the short term. After that its full backs in central midfield, centre backs on the wing and up front. You name it, McGhee will do it. Amazed he's taken a job back in L2 to be honest
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    Rovers vs Saddlers

    Walsall played pretty well today, so a really good win with 10!
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    Braintree Petition

    Don't post much in here these days, but came to my attention Braintree are having some issues with the council over their ground (land being used for housing developments etc.). Would be sad to see a Non-League club go, even if Braintree away doesn't conjure many good memories for most of us...
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    Stickied League 2 Transfer Rumours/Confirmed Transfers 2019/2020

    Look at his initials and I think a better comparison re: managers promoted from the NL is on the table! Top signing/s by Lincoln to be fair, Maguire-Drew especially is someone I'd have taken at Rovers. Nothing won on paper but if Cowley can retain the same spirit and determination from last...
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    BBC wages..

    Wonder how much you'd pay a month for the depth that the BBC provides (TV inc. live sport and highlights, radio, catch-up, news coverage included) if it was provided by Amazon, Sky or Netflix? Feel this witch hunt over individuals' pay is a bit mental to be honest, given all major broadcasters...
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    Stickied League 1 Transfer Rumours/Confirmed Transfers 19/20

    Sounds good, fox in the box is what we need! Lots of chances for him if the last few seasons have been anything to go by. Lots of good deals being made at this level, start of the season will be interesting.
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    Stickied League 1 Transfer Rumours/Confirmed Transfers 19/20

    Would certainly take Pitman here, still has a half decent record in the Championship let alone at this level
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    Stickied Confirmed Signings

    Meant in terms of signing new players, rather than the u18 team of last season! Although Widdowson is older than I thought he was. The squad is threadbare looking at it properly. Hopefully can get bolstered a bit so there's less reliance on the kids, even though they showed promise at the end of...
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    Stickied Confirmed Signings

    Impressed by Orient's business so far, seem to be getting it right re: mixing youth and experience.
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    The Coalition of Expensive Chaos

    As May's position weakens the demands will increase too.. DUP have played a blinder in fairness.
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    Stickied League 1 Transfer Rumours/Confirmed Transfers 19/20

    Really? This would be a bit of a turn up
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    Fixture Release Day - Wednesday 21st June

    Difficult start but can't complain with the fixtures, after some of the bigger away games were on Tuesday nights last season. None of that, only Pompey which is fine
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    Stickied League 2 Transfer Rumours/Confirmed Transfers 2019/2020

    Good signing for Vale, I liked Montano. Puts in a good cross and quite direct, has his off days but all wingers do. Hopefully he gets regular games and does well there!
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    there's an election

    It's not a Labour government, but its better than expected for sure! Fair play to the campaigners, activists etc. Granted the Tories have run a dire campaign but I still didn't fancy some of these places to go Labour. Really raises questions about where the party goes, hopefully makes the PLP...
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    there's an election

    Always like to remind Londoners of the platform they gave Boris when they moan about the EU referendum result..