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  1. Leewilson

    The shit strikers thread

    Mullings was without a doubt the worst striker operating at this level. Bet he finds a club in the NLS who are desperate.
  2. Leewilson

    Match Day 12/12/20 - National League Fixtures

    #Mcmahonout He’s proving to be rather useless sadly
  3. Leewilson

    Stickied Confirmed Signings

    Must say, based on game 1, he can stay as long as he likes. Looked an excellent player.
  4. Leewilson

    Stickied Confirmed Signings

    Yeah, have to say. I'd be surprised if our budget is not top 5. Brundle is on a fair wedge as well.
  5. Leewilson

    The Shit Managers Thread

    Neil Smith. His teams can play a bit but only when they feel like it. Normally stagnate around mid table. Somehow continues to be employed at Bromley who seemingly refuse to upgrade on him.
  6. Leewilson

    Stickied Confirmed Signings

    Just signed our 250th player of the season so far. Joey Jones, formally Woking and Eastleigh, has signed from Salford. Who cares about a wage bill eh.....
  7. Leewilson

    National League Fixtures 6/11/20

    This. Getting a good manager at this level is 3/4s of the battle. Ardley’s football will not be consistent to win a league. Might scrape a play off place and then it’s in the hand of the gods. There are some poor managers rocking about in this league. Smith at Bromley is in over his head. A...
  8. Leewilson

    National League Fixtures 31/10/20

    NATIONAL LEAGUE Boreham WoodPDag & Red P Bromley15:00Eastleigh Dover15:00Altrincham HalifaxPWealdstoneP King's Lynn15:00Woking Maidenhead United15:00Solihull Moors Stockport15:00Weymouth WrexhamPSutton UnitedP Yeovil15:00Chesterfield Hartlepool17:20Torquay Daggers/Boreham just got postponed...
  9. Leewilson

    Match Day National League Fixtures October 17

    Yeovil were shit. We were shitter. Both teams look mid table fodder. I imagine Yeovil will pick up over the season mind you.
  10. Leewilson

    National League Fixtures 12/10/2020 & 13/10/2020

    What? I mean, you played us on the opening day and I was convinced half our team had the virus! Since then I’ve just realised that we’re atrocious. Yeovil must have been bad!
  11. Leewilson

    Stickied Confirmed Signings

    We’ve had Quigley and Mullings in the last 2 years. Finally we’ve checked into rehab and shifted the last of the deadwood from last season * * May have bought more Barnet shaped deadwood over the past few months.
  12. Leewilson

    The shit strikers thread

    Oh Weymouth. I did want you to make a fight of it but that’s a shocker
  13. Leewilson

    Match Day National League Fixtures 10/10/20

    Time for the one you've all been waiting for. Dagenham vs Wealdstone.....