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    Ian has died

    RIP u will live on forever. Cant believe it. I wanna run to u. Really cant believe this.
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    Discourage Feature

    I thought the whole Nint2ndo farago was part of a discourage feature. It appears to have worked. Well done.
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    Sponsored Love football? Need to lose weight and get fit? Join MAN v FAT Football

    The man lost weight very quickly. Quicker than the delivery of a [redacted]. Also great to see a free BMI cslculator. I've lost count of the number of times I've paid to have my BMI calculated online.
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    European Union Referendum

    Bad point Smat. Get over it remoaner. You lost.
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    Scottish fitba!

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    World Cup draw thread and that. 3pm UK time and that.

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    The League 1 General Chat Match Thread
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    Donald Trump

    Are you really threatening to fight someone on the internet? You have issues. Seek help.
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    Donald Trump

    Why should I substantiate a view to someone who continually indulges in personal abuse? The "real man" stuff made me laugh out loud. What's being a real man? Offering discounts on Sky TV and posting about global Zionist conspiracies on the internet? lol.
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    Donald Trump

    Substantiate why I think "libtard" is an ableist term? I don't think I have to. It's pretty obvious. I'm not offended or angry, I just find it a bit pathetic really. You seem to think you know a lot about me. It's quite funny.
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    Donald Trump

    I can't help but think I am partially responsible for the sewer. After all, I did ask how far away you lived from Chessington World of Adventure in the "how far do you live from your club's ground" thread.
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    Donald Trump

    Ah, so you're trolling. I guess a Trump/Corbyinista half and half scarfer was too good to be true.
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    Donald Trump

    While we're moaning about terminology it's not very nice seeing "libtard" used on here.
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    Donald Trump

    He invaded Poland!