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  1. CharlieAdamno1Fan

    £95 a year to make a thread sticky!

    The games gone
  2. CharlieAdamno1Fan

    Any of you on Super Smash Bros Ultimate switch

    Great fun really enjoying it
  3. CharlieAdamno1Fan

    I need you all to use the power of social media to get me my meeting with Charlie Adam in October

    I have put it out there need you all to retweet & get everyone else on to it
  4. CharlieAdamno1Fan

    It’s Nintendmas

  5. CharlieAdamno1Fan

    South Park difficulty setting
  6. CharlieAdamno1Fan

    This years parachute payments released

    Stunning figures though why are Blackburn & Bolton still getting payments?
  7. CharlieAdamno1Fan

    Will Rafa Benitez staying with Newcastle bring even more exposure to the Championship ?

    Will it be for the better or the worse? It's a very competitive league and you may underestimate the challenge he is in for
  8. CharlieAdamno1Fan

    Only PSG managed to win there cup final in 90 minutes

    :eyes: United, Bayern, Juventus & barca/sevilla went to et or pens
  9. CharlieAdamno1Fan

    Hello all

    I'm CharlieAdamno1Fan & I support Bristol City fc