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  1. JoeJoeJoeJoe

    Fleetwood vs Coventry

    Gotta win sometime I guess. Hopefully we rest all key players tonight so we can start Jones, Sordell and Agyei up front together on saturday. Team: Cook Willis Turnbull Harries DKE Gadzhev McCann Page Jones Agyei Sordell
  2. JoeJoeJoeJoe

    Coventry vs Bury

    Coming off good performances but not quite getting the result against Swindon and Shrewsbury, I hope that we can finally put the ball in the fucking goal and pick up 3 points. Should hopefully have a new centre back in by tuesday so Ricketts can get rested. McCann comes in for his debut which is...
  3. JoeJoeJoeJoe

    Coventry vs Shrewsbury

    After a much improved performance midweek, I hope that we can carry on from where we left off against Portsmouth. Imagine Ben Stevenson will keep his place whilst Ricketts might be replaced if we get one of these two centre backs over the line. Team: Charles-Cook Willis Ojala/Ricketts Harries...
  4. JoeJoeJoeJoe

    Swindon vs Coventry

    YAY FOOTBALL. So, we finished our pre-season last night with a 3-1 win over Nuneaton and we looked sharp. Would've preferred to play Doncaster as they would've offered more of a test but they had to pull out. And so it's a week till the new season kicks off. Pre-Season: Nuneaton 1-2 Cov Sturm...
  5. JoeJoeJoeJoe

    Released/Retained Thread

    We have released Reda Johnson, Conor Thomas, Aaron Martin, Martin Lorentzson, Aaron Phillips, Peter Ramage, Marc Antoine Fortune, Stephen Hunt and Darius Henderson. No idea why we've released Aaron Martin. Was fantastic all season. Offered a contract to John Fleck and are in talks with Marcus...
  6. JoeJoeJoeJoe

    Coventry vs Bury

    We better fucking win
  7. JoeJoeJoeJoe

    Ling Resigns

    Due to health reasons.
  8. JoeJoeJoeJoe

    Cellino Bans Sky lel
  9. JoeJoeJoeJoe

    Chesterfield vs Coventry

    Which manager has the more weathered face? Anyway... RCC Phillips Ricketts Martin Stokes Vincelot Fleck (if fit) JOB Maddison Murphy Armstrong
  10. JoeJoeJoeJoe

    Coventry vs Port Vale

    3-0 RCC Phillips Ricketts Martin Stokes Vincelot Fleck JOB Murphy Kent Armstrong
  11. JoeJoeJoeJoe

    Coventry 4-1 Gillingham

    A big top of the table clash. Team: Charles-Cook Phillips Ricketts Martin Stokes Vincelot Fleck Kent O'Brien Murphy Armstrong 2-0 Cov win.
  12. JoeJoeJoeJoe

    Coventry vs Barnsley

    We really should smash these. Charles-Cook Phillips Ricketts Martin Stokes Vincelot Fleck Kent JOB Murphy Armstrong 3-0 Cov
  13. JoeJoeJoeJoe

    SISU vs The Oystons

    Battle of the shit owners. Charles-Cook Ricketts Martin Johnson Stokes Vincelot Fleck JOB Kent Murphy Armstrong 6-0 win.
  14. JoeJoeJoeJoe

    Bad Manager vs Good Manager (Fleetwood vs Cov)

    We need to win this as Steven Pressley is a c***. Team: RCC Ricketts Martin Johnson Stokes Vincelot Fleck JOB Lameiras Murphy Fortune Prediction: The attitude of the group was magnificent.
  15. JoeJoeJoeJoe

    Coventry vs Chesterfield

    We need to bounce back like we did from the Walsall game. Team: Burge Ricketts Martin Johnson Stokes Vincelot Fleck JOB Kent Murphy Armstrong 2-0 Cov
  16. JoeJoeJoeJoe

    Your Transfer Dealings

    A rundown of all your ins and outs. Ins: Chris Stokes (Free - Forest Green) - He's solid and a decent bit of business signing on a free. Will only get better and has started well. Romain Vincelot (£25K - Leyton Orient) - We've needed a player like him for years. His play has allowed Fleck...
  17. JoeJoeJoeJoe

    Burton vs Coventry - Super Duper Sunday

    Nice to have some proper football on Sunday right guys? Right? :tw: Anyhow, both teams in form and playing well and so should make for an interesting game for the neutrals. We have no Armstrong, Maddison, Morris, Willis or George Thomas available. Team: Burge Phillips Ricketts Johnson...
  18. JoeJoeJoeJoe

    Coventry vs Southend - MNF

    Gaming nerds have led to our game being moved to Monday. We were disappointing against Walsall but as Alan Partridge once said "People bounce back". Maddison is having a scan on his ankle today so hopefully it was just a twist and there is no ligament damage. Team: Burge Phillips Ricketts...
  19. JoeJoeJoeJoe

    Walsall vs Coventry

    Big game at the top (Didn't think I'd be saying that this year) between two of the early pace setters. Prediction: 0-2 Cov Team: Burge Willis Ricketts Johnson Stokes Vincelot Fleck Lameiras Maddison JOB Armstrong