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    Match Day Birmingham City vs Millwall

    Cheers Jockers.
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    Match Day Birmingham City vs Millwall

    Can any Millwall fan help me out? I’m looking at coming to your game with Forest on Good Friday. I’ve noticed it’s been moved to a 1pm KO, is there any reason why? TV? And also more importantly what’s the crack with tickets? Can I just walk up and buy a ticket on the day or is there some...
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    FAO Television Boffins

    I am about to enter the world of 4k Ultra HD, but I'm not that arsed about spending a ton so I'm after cheap and cheerful (eg sub £400). I don't do gaming because I'm a grown up so it literally just needs to be a TV. The two choices I've found so far are...
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    Rugby Union

    Always a bit of rust first game, did what needed to be done and fancy a better performance next game.
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    Ian has died

    Good riddance.
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    The end of season calculator...

    If we get 74 points and only finish in 8th I will be FUMING.
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    1FF up for sale? [Latest Developments]

    I didn't know this forum was still going.
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    Match Day PNE vs brentford

    The curse has been broken.
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    Are you Right Wing? Centrist? or Left Wing?

    Left wing but right handed.
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    American Football

    Patriot fan been arrested for setting off the fire alarm at the Steelers hotel which forced a fire evacuation for everyone at 3am. :box:
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    Match Day Aston Villa vs PNE

    Good point against 12 men.
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    American Football

    That was a hard graft last night, KC did well stopping Bell in the second half and it wasn't pretty to watch. Big Ben is way off his peak at the mo, but job done ultimately.
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    American Football

    Rodgers is unreal.
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    Match Day Preston 2-0 Brighton

    Great result, been overdue a win at home. If the price is right.
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    Match Day Severnside 'derby' II

    Clarke for me, Wednesday were sniffing this summer until we sorted him a new contract. Baptiste has been excellent on loan from Boro as well and will probably end up elsewhere next season cos can't see us being able to pay his wages full time. Wright is a decent Champ CB, nothing more nothing less.
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    Match Day Severnside 'derby' II

    You have definitely not just signed Preston's best centre back mate. You've signed an average Championship defender, I'm sure he'll "do a job" for you but that's about it. He's nothing remotely special.
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    AFCON Adopt A Team!

    And me.
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    European Union Referendum

    We haven't left or even started the process yet. :lol:
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    European Union Referendum

    He can see the massive government turd floating on the horizon and wants out now, fair play to him.