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    It's back. Stevencc renewed last years, code is 334355-70462. Also, pin me!
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    Rooney returns...

    Just thought it might be worth making a thread to discuss what we think this transfer means for the player and for Everton. It's pretty evident he won't be missed at Utd so the discussion will obviously be about wether or not he'll prove a good signing. Is it worth the risk? Is there a risk...
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    The Long Hair v Short Hair debate

    Not on women obviously, that would just be silly. NO! We're talking men with long vs short hair. You be the judge of these fine specimens. Starting with Pitt! VS
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    Leicester Bloody City v FC Porto

    Ok none of you lot give a shit but here we go, first ever Champions league game at home. We have the Dragon-Slayer which might come in handy. Only 1 change to our usual lineup with Hernandez taking Danny Simpsons place in the side, obviously hoping to utilise his mammoth throw in with Fuchs...
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    Premier Exiles!

    Balotelli (who will never walk alone) is well shit and Hart is overrated. Or are they? This thread is to follow the exploits of everyones favourite pyrotechnic expert and shampoo salesman. Balotelli has started 3 games for Nice this season and scored 4 times. Doubling his Liverpool tally...
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    Yaya done at Man City?

    So Pep has said that due to comments from Yayas agent that until his agent or Yaya apologises to Man City, the players and the coach then Yaya will not play for Man City. So it's down to ego now. Yayas, his agents and Peps. Peps only so far as he won't backtrack on what he's openly said now in...
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    Match Day Leicester City v Chelsea - EFL Cup MASSIVE!

    We're going to be fielding a side almost completely different to the one we played with at the weekend, possibly even putting out Benalouane at CB who wasn't even registered for the Prem or CL squads. Quite looking forward to seeing our newer fringe players and hopefully get a good result to...
  8. JimJams

    Sunderlands new gaffer and prospects?

    So it looks like Fat Sam has got the Englund jobbie. So where does that leave Sunderland? After constantly flirting with relegation it looked like they might have got their shit together a bit with them having a good January window and keeping themselves up. Can they get in someone better...
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    Vardy to receive extended ban?

    So Vardy has been hit with an improper conduct charge and a 20k fine. Though it's not a definite he could be subject to an extended ban. So are the powers that be going to fuck over our title charge or what?
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    The annual 'Circling Vultures' thread.

    We're at that point in the season where we're pretty confident on the selection of sides to be relegated, so with it likely being a 4 team thing which players from those sides would you consider saving from Championship obscurity for a nice cushy place on your bench, or even perhaps your...
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    Christmas wishlist and the January sale!

    It's that time of year when you can see where your club stands among the others and you're going to get your Xmas money and spend in the January sales where in football, everything is actually more expensive than the rest of the year! Do you see yourself buying in January? And who? Or are you...
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    MOBDRO - Android app for streaming

    Somebody recommended this app to me to get some (nawty) streams. I was wondering if anyone uses it and their experiences as some android apps turn out to be dogshit and I cant be arsed installing it if it's gonna be total doggo.
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    Suicide Squad Trailer - Jared Leto Joker

    Totally fucking 'Meh' or what???
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    The navigation bar - Glitter bombing me!

    I seem to have a issue with the navigation bar with the 'New posts' option on it. The whole bar (from 'Mark forums read' to 'New posts') seems to have turned into a link to the Glitter retribution page. Using IE on win 8.1. Started yesterday.
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    The circling vulture thread!

    So it's the time of the year when teams are going to lose their status as Premier league clubs and as a result may well have their squads picked apart by those that remain. So who would you want from the sides that you think/hope will go down? With Ings going anyway is there a Burnley player...
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    Jürgen Kop

    Just been on Sky that reports in Germany suggest he's asked to leave with immediate effect! Any truth from our resident Germs? And if so, does this make him Man City bound or possibly...
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    Here it is...

    The moment that makes this site complete. My arrival. Anybody signed up as Pagnell so he can't have the username? If not, I'm all over it!