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    Biggest football legend you’ve ever seen play at your own ground.

    Ok now I know these sort of threads are usually done in pre season when we’re all bored with no footie but I’ve been chatting to a couple of lads tonight about our potential tie with Chelsea and we got reminiscing about when we last played them and how unreal it was to see Ruud Gullit playing at...
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    Any chance you could take him back guys?
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    And the Football League club nobody wants to play because of their naughty fans is.......

    Mmm now who could it be? Maybe Leeds with a small minority of their huge travelling support causing a bit of bother? Maybe Stoke City, their fans are usually up for a good rumble in the right football environment. Maybe it’s Millwall with their ongoing reputation for loving a good fight...
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    22/1/19 Lincolnshire away day double header extravaganza all in one match thread.

    Ok I though it’d be safe to have a 2 game all in one match thread as I checked and Carlisle are not playing so we don’t have to worry about their fans crying that they’re too big to not have their own individual thread. FGR v Grimsby Yeovil v Lincoln After McKeowns red card we’ll be calling...
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    So here we have the thread you’ve all been waiting for, ok promotion to the Football League would be nice but let’s be honest with ourselves, THIS is the title they all really want, Brotherhood Champions 2019. Now as you can see Orient are romping it but dark horses Hartlepool with a game in...
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    League Cup 1st round all in one match thread.

    I presume those who get on their high horses about having individual match threads aren’t bothered about one for this competition so here’s the thread for all first round games. So where does anybody see some shocks happening?
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    Grimsby v FGR (sponsored by Head and Shoulders)

    So we face our old non league sparring partners FGR first up, these always seem to be close games which we nearly always manage to come out on top in, I can only remember ever losing to FGR twice, both 2-1 away defeats and pretty sure they have never beaten us at Blundell Park. I’m going 2-1 GTFC.
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    Pizza Hut 33% off food codes for anyone who wants one?

    I've got 4 different codes for 33% off food at Pizza Hut if anyone wants one, just reply on here that you want one and the first 3 who reply I will PM you with a screenshot with the email with the code on as you have to show the email to the staff to claim it. I also have 2 codes for 25% off so...
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    NSPCC letters from Santa.

    Ive been doing these for my kids for a few years now and thought I'd share the link here for anyone with young kids as the money goes to a great cause, all proceeds from the letters go to the NSPCC and they recommend £5 per letter but if you're a bit short you can pay whatever you like. You can...
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    Top 3 favourite Christmas songs.

    So then its never too early to think about Christmas in my eyes so what are your top 3 favourite Christmas songs? Here's mine: 3: This always reminds me of driving home from visiting family in Plymouth on Christmas Eve a few years ago with the kids all excited in the back and this song came...
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    Bulb Energy - saving money on energy bills

    Just wondering if anyone else is with these? My estimated Gas and Elec for the year with EDF was £107 a month so I looked on a comparison site at switching and it brought up Bulb Energy could save me £331 a year based on my yearly usage but I'd never heard of them so I was a bit reluctant so I...
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    The fuck it, if Stevenage v FGR can have its own thread then so can we, Morecambe v Grimsby Town.

    Fancy us to nick this, our away record is actually very good with 4 wins from 7. Morecambe 1 - 3 Grimsby.
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    Lock up your wives and daughters, Harry Kewell's in town. Aka Grimsby Town v Crawley Town.

    So tomorrow sees the Adonis Harry Kewell and his boys come to town, Harry has been quoted this week as saying that his biggest regret in football was that the League 2 sexiest managers thread on 1FF was never completed, robbing him of his obvious claim to this title. He said its taken the shine...
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    Carver WTF?!

    Carver ffs! :ffs:
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    Steve Evans poll:

    As that lovable rogue Steve Evans takes his Mansfield side to Sincil Bank this weekend I thought I would do a poll on at which point in the game he gets sent to the stands which is an absolute certainty to happen at some point.
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    Football is back! League 2 fixtures 5/8/17

    So the wait is nearly over, opening day fixtures: Accrington v Colchester Carlisle v Swindon Chesterfield v Grimsby Coventry v Notts County Crawley v Porv Vale Crewe v Mansfield Exeter v Cambridge FGR v Barnet Luton v Yeovil Morecambe v Cheltenham Stevenage v Newport Wycombe v Lincoln Cant...
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    Beware National League defences......

    The Podge is back, coming to a ground near you from August.
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    Football League Trophy poll

    As per Richard Cranium's request here is a poll for how you would like this competition to be ran.
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    West Coast v East Coast (Blackpool v Grimsby)

    I can just sense the excitement and anticipation for this game from both sets of fans....... :dry: