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  1. The Mustard Tiger

    Brighton vs Rovers

    An important game for both teams for different reasons. It's a shame that we had the international break when we did as we've had a bit of momentum since Mowbray took over. Today should mark his first loss for the big man as I can't see us getting anything at the Amex. 3-1 to the Seagulls.
  2. The Mustard Tiger

    Match Day Blackburn Rovers vs Wigan Athletic

    Massive game for both sides today that should prove absolutely crucial in the relegation battle down at the bottom of the league. Prediction? 2-1 to Rovers and the Mowbray Revolution rolls on.
  3. The Mustard Tiger

    The Apprentice 2016

    It's that time of the year where we dig old Alan Sugar from the back of an Amstrad warehouse, put him in his booster seat and have him gob off at yuppie idiots for not selling enough bacon sandwiches in Euston Station. It can only be The Apprentice! What can we expect? More of the same shite as...
  4. The Mustard Tiger

    Worst Player of the Season?

    We're at the business end of the season when the player of the year is decided. But who's been the worst player of the season? Who's been a flop and failed to perform? There's been quite a few contenders for me such as: - Eden Hazard: Never have I seen a player fall from grace quite so...
  5. The Mustard Tiger

    Hello everybody...

    Good afternoon to my fellow forum members. After lurking in the shadows and reading this board for a short while I thought I'd join up to the orgy of banter that is one football forum. Thanks for taking me in.