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  1. roversfan2001

    Match Day Horwich v Rovers (aaaaaand it's LIVE!)

    For some reason Sky have decided that this one is worth showing live; though in fairness who doesn't want to spend their Saturday evening watching Jason Lowe and Richie Smallwood have a contest to see who can pass the ball sideways the most. We never win at the Reebok (or whatever it's called...
  2. roversfan2001

    Pitch invasions

    There were a fair few of these over the weekend, with various teams sealing and celebrating promotion, survival etc. Ours has caused quite a bit of arguing between fans, even 3 days later there are still people seriously unhappy about it happening. What are your thoughts, are pitch invasions...
  3. roversfan2001

    Doncaster v Blackburn

    3-0 Rovers; Dack hat-trick, 3rd goal comes off his cock. Scenes in the away end. On the pitch at full time. Promotion sealed. Nuff said.
  4. roversfan2001

    Blackburn v Bradford - Thursday (!) 29th March

    Bastard Sky moving this to a Thursday, arseholes. They're shit, we're less shit. 3-1 Rovers to return us to the summit for a day.
  5. roversfan2001

    Pompey v Rovers

    Mowbray guaranteed to start 3 at the back again, even though every time we play that we get ruined. Need a simple 4-4-2 for 90 minutes to get anything out of this; failed to capitalise on Wigan and Shrewsbury losing yesterday, need to win this to keep up. Head says 2-1 Pompey, heart says 2-1...
  6. roversfan2001

    FA Cup Round 3

    Fleetwood v Leicester (12:45) Aston Villa v Peterborough Blackburn v Hull Bournemouth v Wigan Doncaster v Rochdale QPR v MK Dons Yeovil v Bradford Shrewsbury v West Ham (Sun 14:00) Tottenham v AFC Wimbledon (Sun 15:00) Not sure what to think about our game, Hull are doing shit in the league but...
  7. roversfan2001

    Cobblers v Rovers

    Yet another away game, yet another sell out. #massive Should be looking to make it 7 wins in a row, but given that Northampton are down the bottom end of the table it would be typical Rovers to bottle this one. Given Wigan seem to be free-scoring at the moment we could do with another big win...
  8. roversfan2001

    Posh v Rovers

    Heading down to this one so we'll more than likely lose. I'd take a draw but as our home performances are a bit hit and miss we need maximum points on the road to try and make inroads into the top 2. Head says 2-1 Posh, heart says 2-1 Rovers.
  9. roversfan2001

    #OystonOut v #VenkysOut

    Another of our games in hand. We've sold out again, Blackpool wouldn't give us more tickets either; thought Oyston might want the money seen as he has a £40m bill to pay but ho hum. Could do with a win to move us within 3 points of 2nd and really put the pressure on a faltering Shrewsbury. 0-2...
  10. roversfan2001


    Crewe (H) (FA Cup) - Win Peterborough (A) - Draw Charlton (H) - Draw Northampton (A) - Win Rochdale (H) - Win Scunthorpe (H) - Lose
  11. roversfan2001


    We'll lose this, a la Wimbledon in September. 1-2
  12. roversfan2001

    Oxford v Rovers

    Very tough game. Both teams come into the game on the back of big away wins with clean sheets. Need to beat teams around us. 2-1 Rovers, Antonsson and Dack for us.
  13. roversfan2001

    Bury v Rovers

    Bury 1-3 Rovers. Easy, surely not even we could lose this.
  14. roversfan2001

    Blackburn v Fleetwood

    One of our fabled games in hand we always rely on when fans of other teams laugh at our position. If we win we go 5th, lose and we go 8th. We'll avoid a Halloween scare and win 2-1. Sent from my Moto G (5) using Tapatalk
  15. roversfan2001


    How does everyone think their club will fare? Barnet (H) (FAC) - Win Rochdale (A) (FLT) - Win Walsall (H) - Win Bury (A) - Win Oxford (A) - Draw Bristol Rovers (H) - Win Blackpool (A) - Win Golden month to try and put some sort of run together to put pressure on the teams above us.
  16. roversfan2001

    Latics v Rovers (again)

    2 weeks after one Latics team 1-0'ed us in front of a sizeable away crowd, we play a high-flying Wigan side and hopefully end up with a different outcome to the Oldham game. No doubt Mowbray will set us up to win 1-0 on the counter and we'll get destroyed all over the pitch. Seems daft to say...
  17. roversfan2001

    Latics v Rovers

    The mighty blue and white away support train continues, up to 3500 Rovers making the trip to Boundary Park for this one. Expecting a tough test for this but think we'll come home happy; winning by the odd goal in 3.
  18. roversfan2001

    Rovers v Gills

    Should win, but never going to be easy seen as we're so inconsistent at home. Going for another 2-0 with Chapman and Dack getting on the scoresheet.
  19. roversfan2001

    Rovers v Millers

    Well they're scoring for fun and our defence is about as good as a chocolate teapot, and we're shit at home too... 1-3. Sent from my Moto G (5) using Tapatalk
  20. roversfan2001

    Rovers v The Real Dons

    Well we've won 4 in a row for the first time since 2007, by 5pm Saturday it'll be 5 in a row for the first time since 2000. After an awful start we've finally clicked and 1 goal conceded in 4 league games with 9 scored isn't to be sniffed at. Just like with the fake Dons 3 weeks ago, we should...