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  1. Mr Elmo

    Derby vs Rotherham

    What's this, two Saturday 3PM kickoff in a row?! Unbelievable Jeff! Well we really should be winning this. After a good week where we are actually starting to show good performances and getting points with it, I wouldn't expect anything less than 3 points here; this is the championship though...
  2. Mr Elmo

    The Invincibles - Derby vs Leeds Saturday 12:05 (?!) on SKY

    Will both teams get a draw again? When will George Thorne get his season ending injury? Will Chris Wood's penalty land on the pitch mid game? All these could be answered and more, as this shapes up to be an interesting match. Hopefully we do good, we played well against Birmingham and while we...
  3. Mr Elmo


    Similar to last season, predict points and results for the coming month. Bolton (A) - We really should be winning this, massive dampener if not. 0-2 Win Charlton (H) - Not really sure how good their new players are to be fair, but I think we'll get the win. 2-1 Win Middlesbrough (H) - Two teams...
  4. Mr Elmo

    The MOBA thread

    Probably a good idea to create, massive community and sure there is a fair few of us playing them here. Any general discussion really, what game, champions/heroes what ever you call them and stuff you're up to etc Recently got back into LoL after a hiatus and building myself up to level 30...
  5. Mr Elmo

    Stupid mistakes

    Have you seen any stupid mistakes recently? They can be spelling errors, totally useless things or anything else where a fatal error has been made. I saw that Wembley managed to spell Middlesbrough tickets wrong. :lol:
  6. Mr Elmo

    Welcome QPR! (Well, maybe)

    Please welcome QPR as they pass through our league. This will be a short stay as they pass through to the conference. Please wish them well on their adventure down the football pyramid, I'm sure they'll enjoy it. Now for some background on this apparently stable club, according to accounts 10...
  7. Mr Elmo

    Manager of the season

    Simple really, who has stood out as being the manager of the season? Vote in the poll and we can find out who is 1FF's Championship manager of the season.
  8. Mr Elmo

    Pro clubs

    Would anyone on either system be interested in creating a pro club? Would be cool if we could get all the members on the same system to play in a club at any time. What do you think? PS4 Mr Elmos XB1 UpThe Shakers
  9. Mr Elmo

    Club youth thread

    Don't think there is a thread for this - Unless I didn't look hard enough, correct me if I'm wrong. So how's your clubs youth going? U21s/U18s league? Any new players getting onto the first team? Post anything about how your youth is going and if the future looks bright. It's looking pretty...
  10. Mr Elmo

    Table predictions

    With the top of the Championship as tight as ever, how will the table look at the end of the season, and who will win the playoffs based off your table? 1. Derby (More hope than expectation ;) ) 2. Middlesborough 3. Bournemouth 4. Norwich 5. Watford 6. Ipswich/Brentford Norwich to win...
  11. Mr Elmo

    Took me long enough, but it found it.

    I had no idea where or what the new side was called for the past few days, so I'm pleased to find it once again :) Hey you guys