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  1. Krazy8

    Stickied Prediction team needed

    This is kicking off again this weekend lads Leewilson PaulHaddock T.A Super_horns Murphy Dave
  2. Krazy8

    Stickied Prediction team needed

    Epic weekend for me so far.
  3. Krazy8

    Stickied Prediction team needed

    Have you given up on this HarvSFC? Could’ve been on to a winner this week.
  4. Krazy8

    League of Nations

    The semi-finalists in the nations league are guaranteed to be drawn into groups of five for euro qualifying so that they don’t end up playing more matches.
  5. Krazy8

    Stickied Prediction team needed

    In case you haven’t seen, you should have a £10 free bet to use at 7bestbets.
  6. Krazy8

    Right 'Ammerings

    The 5-0 defeat to Cheltenham in the FA Cup springs to my mind. Also there was a 7-1 defeat by Nottingham Forest in the 2000s that I’m still recovering from.
  7. Krazy8

    The Tennis thread

    In! Have to say I think pricing Goffin the same as Nadal and Federer is a bit optimistic! :dk:
  8. Krazy8

    Cycling Thread

    Is Dumoulin a Sky domestique or something? Let Thomas do the chasing ffs!!
  9. Krazy8

    Cycling Thread

    Wtf was that stage all about?
  10. Krazy8

    Cycling Thread

    Any giro predictions? I’m thinking 1. Froome 2. Pinot 3. Lopez Ideally I’d swap Froome for Chaves so hopefully Sky’s usual giro form shows up.
  11. Krazy8

    Local Elections

    Probably because Labour are even worse.
  12. Krazy8

    The Snooker Thread (World Championship et all)

    I’ve got money on Wilson so we can probably rule him out.
  13. Krazy8

    Stickied Prediction team needed

    Needs to up his game imo.
  14. Krazy8


    Race direction had a mare this weekend. As soon as they made the decision not to penalise Canet you just knew things were going to snowball.
  15. Krazy8

    Stickied Prediction team needed

    Is there a prize for the overall winner? All I can see is the jackpot for 4 max scores in a row.
  16. Krazy8

    The Cricket Thread

    This is what happens when you drop James Vince. At least he guarantees us 20 runs.
  17. Krazy8

    Cycling Thread

    ‘The Living Geckos’ again. Didn’t feel right not having Contador as my >24 :(
  18. Krazy8


    Used it for the first time today actually! Heard if you put big stakes on your first bets they tend to give you a higher ‘kwiff’ so I put £50 on Arsenal to draw @4.20 and it was kwiffed to 5.50 Seen better boosts than that so it may be that it’s only the people who get larger boosts that...