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  1. spireite_uk

    Cheltenham 2018

    It's nearly upon us ladies and gents! The sporting event of the year. Discuss your picks, fancies and antepost!
  2. spireite_uk

    Cheltenham 2017

    As we're now in 'Cheltenham month' and it's just over a week away, I thought we might get the thread up. Discuss ante-posts you've put on, tips you've got and what you think might surprise. Personally still waiting for the decision on Moon Racer for the Champion Hurdle/Supreme. Looks like he'll...
  3. spireite_uk

    Dave Allen Resigns

    In the AGM, he's just announced he's resigning and stormed out of the room, triggering chaos amongst the rest of the board and those attending. The pressure was on him, but wow! I can't imagine he will just walk away from all his money though so it's doubtful we've seen the last of him...
  4. spireite_uk

    Alan Rickman

    Genuinely shocked and saddened by this. RIP :sad:
  5. spireite_uk

    The Last Kingdom

    Anyone else watching this on BBC? I think we're 6 eps deep now, it's my favourite show on TV at the moment. That might be because I'm a huge Bernard Cornwell fan and I've read pretty much all his books, but hey, I still love it.
  6. spireite_uk

    Top 50 Pisshead Places Chesterfield clocks in at a respectable 14th place, which I'm sure we can all take pride in. With Mansfield not even ranking in the top 50, you do have to wonder - are you even trying Mansfield? Where does...
  7. spireite_uk

    If you won the lottery, would you give any to your club?

    hbk thread time. If you won the jackpot on the lotto, say £10m, would you give any to your club to push them on? As a loan, or as a gift? Would you pay your way onto the board?
  8. spireite_uk

    Do you hire a cleaner?

    Me and my missus are thinking about it. £15 a week to have someone do the washing up, clothes washing, clean the house, dust around, polish the furniture, hoover - especially if they do a better job than me! - sounds like a good deal. Whilst we do technically have the time to do it ourselves...
  9. spireite_uk

    Water Found on Mars Holy shit, massive news!
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    'How Can She Slap?!' (serious discussion)

    I was just watching this video on Youtube after wondering what the origins of the 'how can she slap?!' meme are... It's quite sad and a little funny at the same time, but what I was wondering is, what are peoples opinions on a guy retaliating to being hit by a woman, by hitting her back? A...
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    The Situation with China

    Sorry for the Daily Fail link - It basically looks like China is laying claim to areas of international/disputed waters in the South China sea and militarising them. I can see them...
  12. spireite_uk

    The Masters

    Anyone backed anything?