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  1. Gashead

    Braintree Petition

    Don't post much in here these days, but came to my attention Braintree are having some issues with the council over their ground (land being used for housing developments etc.). Would be sad to see a Non-League club go, even if Braintree away doesn't conjure many good memories for most of us...
  2. Gashead

    Relegation Thread 2018-19 Cancelled? FL Propose Changes

    Some major changes being proposed by the FL, the basic summary... - 8 more teams in PL/FL set-up (so 92 becomes 100) - 5 divisions of 20 teams, 38 games a season - 6 come up from the National League to make up the numbers - No L2 relegation in 2018-19, 5 division structure to start in 2019/20 -...
  3. Gashead

    Easter Monday Match Thread

    Haven't done one of these yet so wish me luck, but thought I'd do the match thread for tomorrow to alleviate Sunday's boredom! Not many dead rubbers actually, which is good given the time of the season. Anyway... Aldershot vs Torquay Aldershot could all but secure Conference football next...