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    Naughty Tories

    Deserves a thread of its own.
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    Tough Times Indeed... Edit: posted in the wrong section, oops.
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    Right, we’re all bored. Let’s pick run out music

    I’d like that one, lasts long enough and has a positive tune.
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    Stay safe guys

    And your loved ones too x
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    Corona league one

    If mass gatherings are banned then how will the season be decided (obviously this isn’t a worry for tiny teams like Fleetwood), behind closed doors? Or just cancelled completely? How can we cope without gate revenue when the majority of us are already on a shoestring budget?
  6. PuB

    Comfy Mid-Table Thread

    Can’t see us going up, and don’t think we’ll go down even if we don’t pick up any more points before the end of the season. So here we are, comfortably in mid table, which actually makes a nice change this season.
  7. PuB

    Merry Christmas League One

    Have a great time, see your loved ones and drink too much :)
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    Donny vs Gills

    So here it is, the new season. Let’s get the match threads up and start pontificating about possible line ups (better people than me can do that though). No team selection from me, but hey, let’s be optimistic and go for a 3-1 away win. Up the Gills
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    Carabao Cup

    We’ve drawn Newport at home, not a bad first round tie really
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    Welcome Tranny

    Well that was a shit game, but welcome back none the less. Enjoy yourselves tonight.
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    Steve Evans new Gills boss

    I feel sick.
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    The Gills. Can YOU help?

    A few years ago we had a weird plea from Chairman Paul about his beloved missing tortoise in Dubai, asking if anyone had seen it. Now it’s this: What with us selling paella, noodles and pizza at our ground, I can’t help but think we’re the most...
  14. PuB

    Congratulations and well done

    To Luton and Barnsley, fully deserved over the course of the season. Luton have had a spectacular reincarnation all things considered. Enjoy it!
  15. PuB

    Season tickets 19/20

    Our early bird offer has just been announced as £300 for next season, pretty good really, but I await to see the full pricing tomorrow. Obviously Bradford’s will be about 50p with a free mars bar, but how about the rest of you?
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    Play God for the day

    (Or as long as you like, I don't really care). Which animals would you make extinct immediately? Top of my list would be the comodo dragon, horrible things that bite their prey and then follow it around for days waiting for infection to take hold. Grubby wasters. In fact I don't care much for...
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    Nick Cleggs new job

    Head of global communications and affairs at facebook. Good job he's never sold his principals down the river before.
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    The EFL Cup Thread

    We take on the mighty Millwall tonight, will lose obviously. How about you lot?
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    Weird pre-season stories

    We all love a good moan about there being no live football to watch during the summer, but some clubs try to brighten our days by releasing weird updates during the break. I remember one club releasing a story about how they'd had all their hoovers serviced (possibly Oldham, maybe Bury, I'm not...
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    New sponsors?

    We've agreed a deal with the local council which involves no money at all. Medway council will sponsor us from next season, a bit weird really seeing as it's normally a significant revenue stream. Who do you have lined up?