AFC Wimbledon going home


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Can I ask you all to spare a few minutes of your precious time to have a look at the following link and fill in the submission letter to help us 'go back to our spiritual home'

Many thanks. And if all goes to plan, then all you lovely away fans will get a decent view from the start of 2017/18.
It's gotta be better than the crappy terrace at Kingsmeadow.


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Will pin this one and keep it in here mate, that way people will see it! If you add a photo to the original post and move it to show on the 'home page' too where it will get some extra viewing.


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Having lived in Wimbledon for 5 years between 2008-2013 i used to go down to Kingsmeadow and watch Wimbledon a fair amount when Reading were not playing so i wish you well with the new ground.Have filled in the submission as well.
Filled in the submission for you - all the best on your bid to get Wimbledon home. You guys deserve it.
Filled it in. Really hope it works out for you, top club.
I've completed that submission and good luck Wimbledon.
Many thanks guys. It is much appreciated.


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I visited Plough lane back in the 70's on a couple of occasions with my team Burton Albion.
I had no hesitation in signing the petition and writing my feelings in support of a return and the benefits to the borough.
Hopefully the travesty that befell you will now be righted.

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You were a fixture in the Premier League until that guy with the green wellies (Norwegian) took over and you dropped out of Premier League. Just wondering ... was he the problem or was it just the lack of a spiritual home that did for you? Love to see you catch up with (and overtake) Franchise F.C.


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The consultation period has supposedly finished, but the council are taking representations for another week. If you haven't signed but wish to do so, please make a point of mentioning spending money in the area when you visit - local pubs, eateries etc. Also mentioning that you'll be using public transport would be helpful.

I went to the Merton residents meeting last night and a brief summary can be found here

It looks quite positive but there are a lot of rabble-rousing NIMBYs who will make life difficult for us.

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