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Howdy. I was just wondering if any of you lovely people would be interested in an FM kit of the week competition?

I'm currently involved in one on a Facebook group & it's good fun seeing what people come up with. I'd be more then happy to run something like that over here if there is enough interest from you guys that do make kits.

For those who don't have photoshop (I pitty you but that's not the point) there is an app called smart shirt designer that you can use to make kits with.

Anywho... let me know what you all think. If there's at least say 4 other people not Including myself who are willing to participate I will start it off.

Rules are debatable but just to give an example the rules we use on the Facebook group are:

● Each week a new team is selected based on world football news (eg: Last week we did PSG coz of the Chelsea racism thing & had to include anti-racist sponsors).

● You can't use the teams current style & sponsors BUT try to stay true to the club's heritage - you are not Vincent Tan.

● No stupid shirt sponsors like pornhub or whatever (I'm ok not using this rule because my 12 year old sense of humour finds this hilarious)

● You must enter a home & away kit. A third kit is optional if you want to do it.


Forgot to say the most important part... the winner will be decided by voting from the good people's of 1FF.
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