Millwall 0-2 Watford


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On the balance of play we deserved at least a point, but that's not how football works and the biggest difference between the sides was the chance to goal ratio. Up until the final five minutes, Watford had had three opportunities and scored two of them, we had about six, didn't score any and only worked the keeper once. Thought Jokanovic got it spot on playing it conservative. He knew we had to go for it, and while they could have ripped us a new one if he'd gone gung-ho, it would also have given us much more of a chance of winning the game. Harris got everything right, but certain players just lack the confidence and/or quality to make teams pay in the final third.

So, another really encouraging performance but it's all come too late. Install Harris six games earlier and I honestly believe we're safe. O'Brien lacks composure in front of goal but looks a proper footballer and possesses tremendous intelligence for his age, Nelson is looking more and more comfortable at centre half, Gregory's movement is causing defences all sorts of problems, and Upson and Williams are both creative ball-playing midfielders. It bodes well for next year, especially with other youth on the verge of breaking through.

Watford fans a bit wanky towards the end but this is to be expected. They'll go up this year, though. They've finally got a tactically astute manager to go with the quality players at their disposal. Vydra's finish was class.

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