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I'm sure we all know some awesome bands who deserve more attention from everyone.

Not sure if they've got anywhere on a national scale yet, but we have These Reigning Days down here, they're Stadium Rock/Indie in the same kind of vein as Muse, Kaiser Chiefs and the like. I can confirm that they're great live. They've supported Bon Jovi in the San Siro, so they're not doing too badly for themselves.

We also have Moriaty. I convinced my mates to go and watch them at a festival by describing them as sounding like what would happen if someone showed Black Sabbath to an Indie band, though this track doesn't show this side of their sound. I think they'd benefit from a bassist to thicken their recorded sound a bit, but their stage presence and sound is massive for a two man unit.

For the Metal orientated, we have the delightful Cambion. A guy I went to school with plays guitar for these guys and they're absolute gents. They played Bloodstock last year and I can only see their stock rising in the Metal community with this kind of Modern Progressive/Djent sound remaining popular.

If you like your Metal a little bit more old-school and Thrashy, we have Vipera. I absolutely love these guys (and gal) and have shared the stage with them many times.

I promise I won't use this to plug my band...
(we're called Nineteen and we are clearly brilliant, you should go and like our page on Facebook and I will love you longtime)
(Disclaimer: No sexual favours will be exchanged for Facebook likes. Purchases of the E.P. however...)
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