Villa Park- Aston Villa FC Ground Guide


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Villa Park- Aston Villa FC Ground Guide

How Easy Was The Ground to Get To (from the station, by car, etc)

You can see the ground from the M6. Never been by train.

If Applicable, How is Parking Near The Ground?
Couple of car parks near the ground. We usually park at the Power League place just off the M6, as its very handy for getting away after. Once had to park at the other end of the ground at Perry Barr Greyhounds as there were bad roadworks, and that was pretty good as well to be fair.

Based on Where You Were Sat, How Was the View?
It was a dump, but I preferred it when away fans were in the North Stand behind the goal. The view is good in the Witton Lane, but its just not as good when the away end is down the side as it is behind the goal. The lower is far better than the upper, which is horrible and cramped.

If You Ate at The Ground, How Would You Rate the Food?
They sell chips! Which not enough grounds do!

How Was The Atmosphere At The Ground, From Both Sets of Supporters? Does the Stadium Hold the Noise?
Been fairly poor every time Ive been. And moving the away fans has definitely worsened the atmosphere the away fans can make.

How Are the Pubs and Local Attractions in The Local Area?
Generally unwelcoming. Most nearby pubs are home fans only, and the ones that do allow in away fans are too small and charge for entry. Plenty of places to eat at least.

Overall Score Out of 10?
Not a huge fan of it as an away day. Unwelcoming, poor away end, nasty police and stewards all contribute to a generally miserable experience.


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How easy was the ground to get to?

This was my second visit and both times we've been by car, it's easy to get to as you can't miss it from the M6.

If Applicable, how is parking near the ground?

We parked in the Power League car park both times, it's easy to get away from as its right by the M6.

Based on where you sat, how was the view?

We only decided to go at the last minute so we had to queue upto get a ticket from the ticket office, considering there only 160 odd left we were lucky to get tickets. We've been in the upper tier both times and the concourse is incredibly cramped, the view this time was terrible. We had a restricted view on the ticket thinking it wouldn't be too bad, however, we were in the last row behind a pillar so we couldn't see half the pitch apart from that it was alright.

How was the atmosphere at the ground?

Not great from Villa to be honest, there were a group of fans to our right who we shared banter with, however, apart from that the atmosphere was really poor from them.

Overall score out of 10?

I'd give it a 7/10, if I'd been in the lower tier then it would probably would've got a higher rating.
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I go to Villa a few times a season on account of my immediate family all being Villa fans, I don't understand the placement of the away fans, surely if they are going to be down the side then closer to the Holte End would be better in terms of generating an atmosphere given the the Holte Upper is Villa's main atmosphere.

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