Was Messi Imitating Maradona To get more famous ?

Was Messi Imitating Maradona To get more famous ?

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None forget how Lionel Messi embarrases Getafe as he dribbles through them with ease and scores a wonderful goal just like Maradona did to England in the World Cup. But was that just coincidence ? Didn't messi know that by trying to imitate maradona he will be more famous ? In 1987, a year and two days after Argentina's Diego Maradona scored what would later be voted as the best goal in World Cup history, Lionel Messi was born. The Barcelona striker and fellow Argentine has been named by Maradona as his successor, and on Wednesday, two months shy of his 20th birthday, Mr. Messi paid homage. His goal for Barcelona in the semifinals of the Spanish Cup against Getafe was an astonishing bit of mimicry, hewing closely to the lofty standard set by Maradona as he scored the quarterfinal's clincher en route to a World Cup triumph. "The two players, both left-footed, short, stocky and deceptively quick, traced virtually the same course across two of the world's most emblematic football fields -- Maradona at Mexico City's Aztec Stadium, Messi at Barcelona's Nou Camp," Sid Lowe writes in the Daily Telegraph. After pausing to note that, yes, the Spanish Cup is a far cry from the World Cup, Mr. Lowe adds, "Both men ran for just over 10 seconds, Maradona covering 62 metres, Messi 60, both touched the ball 13 times and beat six rivals, dashing past five of them and shooting home past the sixth." The question now is : Was Messi Imitating Maradona To get more famous ? Will the student Match The master ?


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