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I started oddly having a secondary thought about FIFA 15 weeks before Christmas 2013. Why you may be thinking? Well this secondary thought was born out of the takeover saga at Elland Road as consortiums fought over the rights to buy out GFH the then owners.
At that moment in time there was nothing more as a Leeds life long fan that I wanted than a Yorkshire Born, Leeds hard core fan with deep pockets and a limitless transfer fund to step forward and take over the board room. But realistically if one was out there in the big bad world I'm sure they would have come forward after ten years of watching the giant being pushed down onto its knees.
So hopes of a football loving owner with money to turn the tide was the next best thing. After a drawn out saga, a rollercoaster ride and lots of headline events Massimo Cellino beat the league and took over the club.

The January transfer window came and went without Cellino having the power to show his hand but he made up to a certain degree by giving Big MacD the chance to bring in premiership quality players like Wickham and Butland on loan. The season however soon went flat but Cellino promised major investment in the playing squad in the summer.

Now getting back to my whole point to this thread you are reading. The promise of buckets full of cash from Cellino gave fuel to that secondary thought which was born way back in the closing winter months of 2013. The under lining urge that Leeds get a filthy rich owner but not just because I wanted to watch Leeds once more play again against the likes of Chelsea and Liverpool week in, week out. It was more so the makers of FIFA 15 for once gave Leeds Utd a decent transfer budget to spend in management career mode than the poxy amount that has been allocated over the past versions of FIFA.

FL72 fans, surely I'm not alone with this guilty thought? A greed and lust to have a decent transfer kitty to buy world class players while I sit in my bubble in front of my TV shouting at the Ref on FIFA 15 pushing your beloved team to the top of the Prem table, playing mid week in the champions league against Barcelona??
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Couldn't agree more with you on that one, the transfer kitty is just one of a few bug bares I have with FIFA. So im hoping this time around there are a lot more recognised freebies be on the free agents list, should that financial clout not be available!

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