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    General Election 2019

    That's assuming everyone in favour of independence only votes for SNP which is retarded when the election prior to the referendum being called they only got 20% of the vote. If a ref can be called on the basis of less than 21% voting for IND supporting parties resulting in only 6 seats then it...
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    General Election 2019

    We told you before the referendum happened the blue collar Labour vote wanted brexit and leave would win. We told you nationalisation and socialist minded wealth redistribution policies would be popular in the midst of the coup. We told you to respect democracy when you made arguments for a...
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    Graham Potter - Brighton

    You're chatting ignorant shite. Potter is the goods - the job he did here this season was immense - had he been allowed to play those on big appearance bonuses sooner we may have even made the play offs. Potter did Pep this season in the cup - Pep only had appreciation for his schooling. He's...
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    Graham Potter - Brighton

    Put the mortgage on us going down :D
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    Graham Potter - Brighton

    Nice post Jj. He's done immense - I dread to think what a dinosaur manager like Bruce or someone would've coped with what Potter has had to deal with. Not only has he had to replace PL first teamers from our average academy he's had to implement them in unfamiliar positions at a level they've...
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    18/19 Table Predictions

    If it does Potter should walk. With a bit of backing (or just not selling all his first team players) he'd easily get a club promoted out of this division.
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    18/19 Table Predictions

    Pre selling all our players tbf.
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    Stickied Championship - Away Support Thread

    These sent a first class letter to a pub in Swansea advising of their impending presence over the weekend but for some reason they travelled 160 miles to stop in some back water 10 miles short of Swansea and ended up getting done by locals before the police also gave them a hammering. A new low...
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    Everything Oldham Athletic

    Scholes will make for a good manager.
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    Marco Silva Everton Manager

    Great call Pagnell
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    PL shit that doesn't need it's own thread.

    Mike Ashley a G.
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    Stickied Transfer Rumours & Confirmed Deals Thread

    You guys put in a lot of energy for a dead forum. Chill out boys there's life outside.
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    Rowett sacked

    Keep up the word was out just before dinner time. Done deal. What a jump in squad levels for him.
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    Rowett sacked

    Nathan Jones
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    Poch out - time for a switcharoo?

    Long time to play. They will not last the pace.