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    What are you listening to right now?

    I am listening to this tribute to football:
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    Music at Football Arenas

    OK, thanks lads, for your enthuiasm. I thought more about recordings. Here is one example:
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    Tune of the Day

    Here is my tune of the day (dedicated to LFC):
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    How many points will Manchester United finish ahead of Liverpool season 16-17 ?

    In my country, LFC is the biggest club, in front of the domestic club, result from a vote in a nationwide paper. We made this tune as a tribute to LFC:
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    The Title race™

    Well, well, everyone don't agree, e.g. this singer:
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    The Title race™

    I believe LFC take the trophy this year provided the audience take up this song:
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    Music at Football Arenas

    I am interested in the unique musical atmosphere around English football. My wish with this thread is to collect recordings of songs that are sung at the arenas or are intended to be so. Maybe you have composed something yourself for your favorite team. And which team has the best music? Could...