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    Match Day Severnside 'derby' II

    I think we need to start getting points on the board.
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    Wolves vs Brizzle - Christmas Special

    Do you reckon? I'm sure he'd have been starting for us, hence the bid. And Mason isn't exactly an Andre Gray/Dwight Gayle in terms of stature. Saying that, I suppose Clough rejected us.
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    Wolves vs Brizzle - Christmas Special

    Ah right. I was under the impression he was only a squad player for you, especially after some of your summer signings? Thought it was a very good fee but I suppose your board had the sense ours didn't, and recognised they didn't have time to get an adequate replacement to cover.
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    Wolves vs Brizzle - Christmas Special

    Maybe if you'd have accepted our £6.5M bid for Joe Mason we wouldn't be in such a mess after relying on a 18 year old and a 36 year old to carry the team going forward since Kodjia left. I can't believe that offer got rejected, haha.
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    Wolves vs Brizzle - Christmas Special

    May well be a cliche but it truly is the same old shit, different season.
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    Just completed my first season on FM17 with City. It's actually my first completed season on FM in two years as I only played about ten hours of FM16, wasn't a fan at all. Enjoying FM17 so far though. I wasn't sure how I was going to do as I'm not the best FM player. I surprised myself though...
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    Bristol City thread

    What does it say? He blocked me.
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    Stickied Transfer Rumours & Confirmed Deals Thread

    Can't see it being true. We already have adequate cover and he'd cost quite a bit. The fact it's from Nixon makes me even more dubious, although it's admittedly a strange one to make up out of the blue. Might be Henry's agent behind it.
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    The Championship Game

    D E F G K Z - Forest 2-1 Wolves
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    First Goalscorer 2015/16

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    Dark Souls III

    Just killed the tree. 3rd boss down so that's probably the furthest I've got in any of these games now. So satisfying. Also having a blast helping out others by dropping the white soapstone outside of it.
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    COD4 Remaster for PS4/XB1

    Only 10 maps going by a leaked poster. I'm so happy that I'll be able to play CoD4 again but a bit of a kick in the teeth that half of the maps will be missing. :(
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    COD4 Remaster for PS4/XB1

    Please be true, just don't mess with it Infinity Ward. I miss the old days of CoD. And CoD4/WaW were the best.
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    First Goalscorer 2015/16