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    Video Arsenal History & Programmes 1886 - 1939

    Arsenal Football Club from its beginnings in South London, the move to Highbury, the League Championships and FA Cups under the management of Herbert Chapman
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    Ever wondered if your football programmes are worth anything?

    Are you sitting on a small fortune or are your football programmes nearly worthless? Find out what makes some programmes so expensive.
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    Why did Manchester United get their goat drunk and behead it?

    A look at the history and programmes of Manchester United FC from 1878 to 1939.
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    The pre-war history of Southampton FC and programmes

    A new video has just been posted on YouTube looking at the history of Southampton and its football programmes from 1885 to 1945. Hear how the club won multiple championships, reached cup finals, how The Dell got its name and hosted an England international match. And the FA Cup final when a...