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    National League Playoffs

    I've heard they are playing at Doncaster for the first few games. Nothing confirmed though.
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    National League Playoffs

    Think it was his 11th year. 9 with his dad as owner. It's his first job though so he's spent a few years learning how to manage. He had a couple of poor seasons where he would have likely been sacked in a normal role. But here we are so it's worked. Buzzing!!
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    National League Playoffs

    Do we class all investment as bankrolled? 18 players not 30, 2/3rds of the team sheet played in the NLN final 2 years ago and most have never played league football so it's certainly not a Salford bankroll. Won't be even half the player budget of Notts. That bitter town fan will be spitting...
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    Halifax is nobody's cup final. Notts, Wrexham, Stockport yea, but Halifax? HAHAHAHA!
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    It's hard been the shittest Brotherhood club. .
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    Of course you would say there is no hierarchy. . Halifax would be at the bottom of the pack. It doesn't matter how many times you say 'you make the rules, no one gives a shit.
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    2019/20 National League Predict the League

    1.AFC Fylde 2.Wrexham 3.Harrogate 4.Chesterfield 5.Hartlepool 6.Solihull 7.Borehamwood 8.Bromley 9.Barnet 10.Eastleigh 11.Notts County 12.Yeovil 13.D & R 14. Barrow 15.Stockport 16.Sutton 17.Torquay 18.Ebbsfleet 19.Halifax 20.Dover 21.Chorley 22.Aldershot 23.Maidenhead 24.Woking
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    National League 2019/20

    Don't think they have brought him in for 20 goals a season, though he does seem a little past it. We still have the fire power from last season and Sam Jones looks good for 15-20. With any luck we will still be banging them in this season coming.
  9. DOLF87

    National League 2019/20

    Anything less then play offs will be a disappointment. . .especially now its £18! to get in. I don't know how so many people can afford to follow their teams around everywhere at this level. I almost don't want them to get promoted, would barely be able to afford to go. Wrexham look good for...
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    National League 2019/20

    Fylde are my pick for the title this season, with Harrogate, Wrexham and maybe Chesterfield as the main challengers. Josh Falkingham is the small lad. I heard the rumor but I think that's all it is. He's also U19 manager and we'll involved with the youth setup so I can't imagine he's agreed to...
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    National League 2019/20

    Harrogate have been top goal scorers in the league, two seasons in a row, last season with only one player with 15 goals and the season before with no player in the top ten for the league (NLN). This season we have 3 strikers capable of 15+, all the first team from last season and a shored up...
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    National League - Predict the League 2018/19

    There's half a dozen teams that Harrogate have a significantly better squad then on paper . . beyond that, it's seems near impossible to predict the order. I've got a 50 quid bet with a mate that Harrogate will finish top 12 so I am hopeful. . We play you early on at Home. Can't wait!
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    National League - Predict the League 2018/19

    Harrogate 24th?I guess you don't know much about the Harrogate team
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    Stickied Confirmed Signings

    Harrogate Town have signed Jack Muldoon from AFC Fylde. Sounds quite good on the write up. .
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    2018-19 National League North

    Can't believe it. You must be offering some good money to persuade him to stay at NLN level. I thought if he didn't stay, then he would have at least gone up the league. Great signing. Was really looking forward to seeing him at in the National. It's left us thin in quality strikers.