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Recent content by don solis

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    Stickied Battle of the Bottle-Jobs: 5 Teams Which Crack Under Pressure

    Man U used to seem very intimidated by Europes big names at a point not so long ago. Not sure if that is the case now, but they did seem fragile.
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    Wolves 3-0 West Ham

    I'd like to take a look at the face of the fool who doesn't want Jimenez ffs! I would have him at Arsenal in shot! The man is a threat all game long and pretty good in the air . Unselfish and plays completely with the teams best interests at hand at all times. He could play in any team in...
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    2019/20 Premier League season

    Penalty all day! If you are making your body wider and preventing the ball for continuing on its natural course its a penalty! Without question at this point in the modern game every defender knows that when you are inside the penalty area you have to face any chance of a ball being played in...
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    Coutinho or Barkley.

    I don't think Wilshire was hyped though ,he was then most creative midfielder England has produced for years .He gave the national side a dimension they aha missed for years. You see what he does in his goals and one touch play and you ca understand why he was talked about so much. And in...
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    Coutinho or Barkley.

    Barkley IS NOT in the same class as Wilshere in my opinion. He looks like he has promise but when it comes to big games he usually fails miserably! Wilshere has the proven ability that is less predictable and is usually doing something to keep the position nervous when on the ball. Barkley just...
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    Match Day Arsenal v Chelsea, Wednesday 3rd January 19:45

    Well let's hope Chelsea are the one team Xhaka plays well against. Because if he outs in the performance he did in the FA which slightly above his usual trash then we could be in with a chance. Oil out is not normally a bad thing for me personally because he's crap in big games. But he's been...
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    Match Day Palace v Man City, Sunday 31st December 12:00

    If pep doesn't buy in January this title race will be more closer than the so called experts think. They do not have the depth off the bench to cover fatigue or injuries of DeBruyne, Sterling or Sane. There are no replacement of that quality coming in to cover for them. Now that Jesus is out...