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    Luton V Northampton

    God that used to be Brookes used to go in there when I worked in Lootayn
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    Luton V Northampton

    Might be an option if god forbid we lose. I'm a Cobbler get me out of here!! At least you don't live 6 miles from Looton.
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    How many grounds? This has the proper rules. So if I read it say Grimsby are promoted back to the Football League - I have to revisit it?! As I read it friendlies do not count therefore I have to write off Arsenal for the Emirates Cup and Norwich v Cobblers as a friendly?
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    Luton V Northampton

    I was thinking El Clothico? Don't like Beds Plod attitude rounding up away fans and putting them up in a bar called Bar 32 and then changing it to Geordies when it is the same bar which turfed out someone wearing a poppy on the grounds it's an Irish Bar. I am sure a chorus of Fuck the Posh...
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    FA Cup Second Round

    Wow. A bizarre day at Sixfields as we take the winning run to 6 games in the row home and away, and seven home games in a row. This could have been a very bad day for us, as Northwich were well up for it. Of course had their keeper not made a superb save at 0:0 it could have been a different...
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    Stickied League 2 Transfer Rumours/Confirmed Transfers 2020/2021

    Kenny Mcevoy is the Bale stunt double
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    Luton v Carlisle

    I would hardly Curle young! He's 52! Must say I was impressed with Carlisle at Sixfields - although their danger ended when Asamoah tired. It must be entertaining watching Carlisle.
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    Northampton to be sold to Indian Consortium

    We know already that David Bower is involved. Suspect that given KT is based in the States he may have got some funding from USA!
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    Northampton to be sold to Indian Consortium

    I am assuming the deal with council is that they write off the loan in exchange for having the rights back to develop the land beyond the athletics track and perhaps they have a sense that this police action may lead to a confiscation order. Whilst I am relieved this has gone through, it is key...
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    Northampton to be sold to Indian Consortium

    So we have gone from a few months, to January now. :bang: Yes, back end of last year - we were on a rubbish run and Wilder was in a bad place - some of it was from a very bad run of injuries and some of it was self inflicted. He redeemed himself in January by addressing the issues and we have...
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    Northampton to be sold to Indian Consortium

    It was actually Peter Miller who sacked Kinnear. Saints owe council £5m as they had loan to build new stand. Which has been built and pretty sure the builders were paid in full.
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    Leyton Orient up for Sale...again...

    Sounds a fairly robust translation. Sounds like a possible fail on the fit and proper person test!
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    Northampton Town Supporters Trust Fund

    At this stage things have gone again quiet. The purpose of the fund is below Funds raised will be used to deliver a healthier voice for supporters in any club going forwards. This may mean negotiating with a new owner, administrators or the establishment of a phoenix club. Help give a fighting...
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    Northampton Town Supporters Trust Fund

    Apologises for this sounding like one of those begging letters! This is the page where the Supporters Trust are aiming to collect £100k to help in the fight to save NTFC, Any donation would be greatly appreciated or if you could spread the word on...
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    Brian Lomax, RIP

    As a Northampton Town fan, it is where it all started for Brian. It is horrible to think that the club he played a massive part in saving is on it's knees. Brian was the man behind the start of a powerful movement and he has left a superb legacy. I just hope as Cobblers fans we can pay the...