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  1. Jen420

    Chelsea vs Liverpool - Sat 31st Oct - 12:45

    Coutinho is a wee legend <3
  2. Jen420

    Man Utd v Man City

    Bet365 is doing their free in play bet offer for this if anyone is interested. I reckon it'll be a draw. Hopefully it'll be an entertaining match.
  3. Jen420

    Does it bother you if someone is gay

    Nope, I think homophobia is disgusting personally. My brother is gay and I have a lot of gay friends. What difference does it make if somebody is gay or straight, it's just stupid. Equality for all.
  4. Jen420

    What condiment do you put on your chips?

    That is awesome, I must have one <3
  5. Jen420

    The Apprentice 2015

    Vana needs to go she is just dreadful, surprised she wasn't fucked out this week. Highly entertaining show, the stupidity of the candidates sometimes is fantastic viewing :D
  6. Jen420

    What condiment do you put on your chips?

    Favourites include Perinaise or Sriracha. Gravy and cheese is amazing too, especially drunk
  7. Jen420

    The Euro 2016 qualifiers thread

    Go on Norn Iron! :D
  8. Jen420

    The Euro 2016 qualifiers thread

    Watching the Northern Ireland match, would be good to see them get through. I'm quite confident though even without Lafferty, Greece are pretty shit.
  9. Jen420

    How Many of You Stream Live Sports?

    I use Mobdro, it's generally fine but at times it's really laggy or just stops working. I'll check out some of the other sites, feed2all sounds good.
  10. Jen420

    Brendan Rodgers

    Thank God he's finally gone. He made some very bad decisions, don't know what the hell was going on in his head. I wish him the best of luck but Liverpool will be much better off without him. Hoping for Klopp but we'll see.
  11. Jen420

    1FF Accumulator 16/17

    Deportivo La Coruna to beat Espanyol
  12. Jen420

    Stickied What are you currently watching?

    It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, amazing. Love Danny Devito :)