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    Match Day 08/01/21 - National League Fixtures

    Frozen pitch? Seriously? It's a balmy 10 degrees down here on the Riviera.
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    Stickied Transfer Rumours

    We're being linked with a loan move for young Palace forward Rob Street, if true would suggest Wright is going to be out for a while.
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    It's weird how some clubs are affected so much more than others, we haven't had a single game called off due to Covid. Obviously the cases are lower down here (because Devonians know how to wash their hands unlike all you northerners ;) ), but none of our opponents have had cases in the run up...
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    Elite sport to continue under the new lockdown.:thumbs:
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    No argument from me! But the sweaties have just announced a full lockdown which apparently allows football to continue, so I'd guess we will be the same...
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    National League fixtures 28/12

    Yep that's about it, a settled squad who know how the manager wants them to play. 7 of our squad (all first XI regulars except the crocked Liam Davis) were here in the NLS so this is their third season together under Johnson. We now only have 1 fit striker though so expect a move into the loan...
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    Make your mind up. Either you are a new team with a 100% penalty shoot out record or you are the same old Halifax and part of the Brotherhood, you can't claim both.
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    How many 'good' seasons have you had following your club?

    The thing is though a successful relgation fight ends with joyous scenes and a feeling of elation at a miracle escape. Whereas a failed promotion push end in tears and a feeling of despair as you blow it at the last minute. Followed Torquay since 1988 and seen us twice promoted to the third...
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    Match Day 08/12/20 National League Fixtures

    First half tonight was the most one sided 45 minutes of football I have ever seen, don't think they had a single attack, but they defended much better than Wrexham on Saturday. Once they were 2 down they gave it a go with their team of giants but we looked pretty comfortable until we strangely...
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    National League fixtures December 5

    We were excellent first half I thought, first 20 minutes was the best we've played all season and you just couldn't cope with Whitfield or Evans. We should really been more than 2 up before conceding a sloppy goal from a corner. Looked a definite red card for the studs up knee high lunge on...
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    National League fixtures December 5 Not just ignoring the Covid regulations but also: "Some fans brought alcohol into the ground while others ignored the smoking ban". Surely this was banned everywhere long...
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    National League fixtures December 5

    Yeah everyone will have their own little bit of terrace allocated to them apparently. I'm surprised we haven't been given specific staggered entry times to be honest, can see it being a delayed kick off for this first game as everyone involved finds their way around all the new procedures.
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    National League fixtures December 5

    We have fans in tomorrow but only allowed 1250 for this game, rising to 1500 against Maidenhead in midweek then 1728 as our final limit until the restrictions are lifted a bit. We sold all of the 1250 a few days ago.
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    National League fixtures December 5

    I hear that you are going to be charging £25 for a seat for the game against us next Saturday! Is this your normal price or are you just ripping off your fans who will be desperate to see the side again after so long?
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    We should be okay as the entire South West is going to be tier one I believe. We'll be happy to welcome those Hollywood chaps down to the English Riviera on the 5th December for their first taste of Natonal League footy.