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    Saturday 1st October

    I like the way the player nonchantly jogs passed him and doesn't check to see he is okay!
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    Saturday 1st October

    We've put the Harrogate bogey to bed today, let's hope we do the same at Salford later this month
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    Saturday 1st October

    Another game where we haven't played particularly well but come away with the 3 points. Same pattern as a lot of games. Started really well, scored fairly early but then seemed to take the foot of the gas allowing opposition to take a foothold in the game. I do think the quality throughout...
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    League 2 General Chat Thread

    The scumbag was head of an operation fleecing vulnerable elderly people and laundering money. Remember the name but cannot remember how he did for us, so obviously didn't leave any impression on me at all
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    2022/23 New Gear Thread

    Much better than our 'Grimsby' 2nd kit that
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    Saturday 24th September - Fixtures

    He is a tosspot of the highest order that bloke. Problem for Jordon when he was here was it was himself that then took all the flak from our fans as a result. I suspect the same will happen with Harratt if his dad continues with his social media nonsense. Why dad's like them have to embarrass...
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    Saturday 24th September - Fixtures

    Wimbledon's last 10 minutes tactics of feigning injuries 2 players at a time and blatant time wasting backfired on then big style conceding in the 5th minute of feigned injury time. Must be lack of confidence on their part given their poor run of form, as they were the better team in the second...
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    Saturday 24th September - Fixtures

    Surprising that. They gave us our toughest challenge at Valley Parade so far this season and dominated possession. We just happened to take our chances on the day whereas they were woeful in front of goal.
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    Stickied Confirmed Signings

    I was quite happy when we signed him, always thought he was a decent player. However as my fellow Bantam Cas alludes to, he never fit into the system and style of play under Derek Adams and he never really got going here. I think he may do a decent job for you, hope so anyhow. All the best for...
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    The tinpot thread

    My god I feel for you with these cryptocurrency geeks running you. I was so glad our current owner sent them packing before they rolled into your town. There were quite a few Bantams fans who were willing to give these clowns a chance at the time, I think they have seen they were so wrong and...
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    Saturday 17th September

    Platt my man of the match today. He was immense. As we expected Stevenage launched it into the box at every opportunity and Platt won just about everything. Stand out defender for us so far this season Very good performances from Tyriek Wright and the Cookie monster too
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    Managerial Merry-Go-Round 2020/21

    You've got a good one there for sure
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    9th-10th Sept

    Should be a good open game
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    9th-10th Sept

    Not at all. I said on the day we were not good enough to beat you. Soup Ladle asked what to expect from your lot and I answered as I saw it
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    9th-10th Sept

    Watch out for the dark arts. They have it mastered to perfection. Never threatened us once at Valley Parade on the first day of season and they had no intention to do They celebrated the 0-0 draw as though they had won the league. Hope you beat them