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    Things We Hate

    Getting emails from this site about Doggy Box Delivery.
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    North Korea

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    Knife Crime- Stop and Search

    They also presumably don't swallow plastic bags, which would be the main thing. That is a matter of resources as much as anything. BAME are actually marginally under-represented in deaths in police custody. . 10% of the deaths for 14% of the...
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    Arsenal win Community Shield AGAIN

    :lol: I've been out of the country for a lot of the past year, chose a good time to leave the country and try and ignore what was happening last season. Came back just before the cup final so got that one right.
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    Knife Crime- Stop and Search

    So they should have let this guy go? He was clearly either doing or dealing drugs. You don't walk around with bags of paracetamol/caffeine unless you bought it thinking it is something else (most likely), or are selling it/cutting it with heroin. Police can and do show restraint giving to the...
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    Knife Crime- Stop and Search

    That's mostly an issue with the government though - not the Police. In my opinion being caught with drugs should be decriminalised with a focus on rehab rather than punishment. Perhaps in that instance this guy wouldn't have panicked and swallowed the drugs. But the policeman here is only...
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    Knife Crime- Stop and Search

    The opening of that article is wrong. He had swallowed drugs, just not illegal ones - but instead a paracetamol and caffeine mix which I can only assume he bought thinking was cocaine or something else. He ingested it when the Police came, and died. Pretty stupid way to die. On the face of it...
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    The England Squad thread

    I think Ox might have been called up as a CM rather than a winger which is where he has been in excellent form for us the past few weeks (in spite of us being shit).
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    The England Squad thread

    He's pretty consistently been one of England's best players when he has actually played. Now he is playing consistently the argument is he isn't good enough? Because I think he's proved that already, I mean that standard to get in the England team isn't exactly 70's Brazil. Livermore isn't the...
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    Champions League 2016/17

    I don't know what you're talking about because Ox was actually one of our better players last night 5th goal aside, despite being switched position twice, and one of a few who actually seemed to care. Meanwhile Coquelin was completely anonymous all game, made just 6 passes! No wonder Xhaka and...
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    Champions League 2016/17

    Wenger has turned this club into a joke. Please just leave. Honestly he should just announce his resignation in the next few weeks. Hopefully that would stop the vitriol from the fans and rally the squad behind him until the end of the season. But he has to leave. He is so tactically behind it...
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    Match Day Man City v Arsenal, Sunday 18th December 16:00

    Nothing more than our performance deserved. Complete lack of control from the midfield until Elneny came on. Fullbacks were poor, especially Monreal, criminal move to let Sterling inside. Only Sanchez comes out with any real credit who busts a lung every match only to see his teammates wonder...
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    Champions League 2016/17

    Well that is a pleasant surprise. I think we stand a chance against any team at the moment but obviously would rather avoid Bayern/Real/Dortmund/Juve, although all of those fixtures do intrigue me. Except Bayern. Fuck Bayern. But seriously I wonder if we'd fair better against them this year...
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    EFL Cup 2016-2017 (League Cup)

    Probably our worst performance of the season but to be expected with the team we put out. Iwobi a bright spot, and I thought the CB's, Martinez and Xhaka were ok, but the rest were below average. Jenkinson is nowhere near good enough for us, would rather see Gabriel at RB based solely on the...
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    US Presidential election 2016

    I think he would have done alright. Infact there are probably plenty of Democrats who could have beaten Trump. This vote seems as much against the establishment and status quo as it does for Trump, and Clinton is the living embodiment of elitism. Sanders would have picked up those blue collar...