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    Is it time for a 'Managerial Merry go round' thread?

    That would be a great appointment if they don’t get the Exeter guy.
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    Tuesday 4th fixtures

    I went through a pretty awful time early this year myself too, distracting my mind with football was about the only thing that kept me (just about) sane. Best wishes to you and I sincerely hope things get easier.
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    Stickied League 2 Away Support Thread 2022/23

    It’s up to the away club not to overshoot by hundred which is why you often hear initial allocation rather than total. Fairly workable if you underestimate how many fans you’ll have and there’s pay on the day available. I don’t know about the concessions part, but I’d guess clubs have a fair...
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    Stickied League 2 Away Support Thread 2022/23

    That’s also my understanding of how it works now (not sure when it changed to that and yes it’s insane).
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    Goal of the Month

    Another great goal
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    Saturday 1st October

    Fucking hell we went and scored a goal after over ten hours of football and from open play (our first one of those this season)! Fully deserved after being the better side in the second half. Lovely.
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    Stickied League 2 Away Support Thread 2022/23

    Edit: wrong thread
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    Managerial Merry-Go-Round 2020/21

    Has he been to any other games out of interest?
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    2022/23 Relegation Thread

    The 42 point target.
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    2022/23 Relegation Thread

    40 points by mid season would put you on course for 80 points. Or are you expecting only two draws after the new year to reach the magic 42?
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    2022/23 New Gear Thread

    We wore our yellow third kit last weekend against Pools, home kit is blue, away kit is white, they play in blue and white. Although I didn’t actually know we had a third kit until then.
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    Stickied League 2 Away Support Thread 2022/23

    Anyone want to make a fans per mile table? I love a bit of stats me.
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    League 2 General Chat Thread

    The thing you’ve got wrong is putting players on 3 year contracts in the National League to get you out of there, then coming up and realising you have budget restrictions and can’t shift them. You’re not just allowed to spunk as much money at it as you are in the league below. (Having said...
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    Stickied League 2 Away Support Thread 2022/23

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    Saturday 24th September - Fixtures

    Had ifollow today for our game with Pools and it was close on to being the worst game of football I’ve ever seen, Hartlepool were bad but we managed to be even worse. Zero creativity anywhere and we finish September with just the one goal to our name (same as we did in August) against the...