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    Port Vale vs Orient (1pm) - Bolton vs Southend - 28/11/2020

    Despite some recent clean sheets and improving defensively Orient are still vulnerable at the back. I would like to see a more pacey CB brought in and maybe some quality and experience at full back. But other than this I think we are looking strong in most other areas of the pitch. We seem to...
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    The where is the Saturday 31st October Fixture Thread Thread.

    I wonder what will happen now there is this second lockdown. I take it football will be suspended after Tuesdays fixtures for at least a month?
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    The where is the Saturday 31st October Fixture Thread Thread.

    Good win today for us but not getting carried away as Bolton were utterly terrible. It was almost too comfortable
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    The where is the Saturday 31st October Fixture Thread Thread.

    Genuine question. Are Southend playing mainly players from the youth team and young first year pros? Reminds me of us (Orient) when we went down. You end up just ticking each game off as a defeat in your head before each match. The owner selling off all the experience pros in the process.
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    Managerial Merry-Go-Round 2020/21

    Can someone enlighten me with what happened with Mellon. Didn't realise he was no longer there. Must have lost track during Covid. I thought he had done a stellar job for Tranmere with 2 promotions in quick succession. I know you got relegated but you were fighting it before season was stopped...
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    Emirates FA Cup 2020/21

    Just waiting for us to draw Plymouth for 12,000th time. It's nailed on.
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    Saturday 24th Oct; The Fixture Thread

    Pleased with two away wins and two clean sheets in a week. We were unbeaten had knocked Plymouth out of the league cup and had good momentum before the club curse struck again with covid hitting our squad and having to postpone games. Just waiting for the curse to strike us down again, wonder...
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    So you've basically prorogued the board and declared yourself head statesman and sole rule maker. Where have I heard this before? We need a more democratic approach :surr:
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    Just read through this entire thread and it is clear there is a power struggle deep in the heart and at the top of the brotherhood. Can someone enlighten me where we at? May I request an emergency board meeting?
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    Boring cup competitions

    I actually used to like the JPT or whatever it's called now because I could go and watch Orient and not stress too much about the result and just enjoy the game win lose or draw. It's the only competition I feel like that. I find league games very stressful and it ruins my weekend if we lose. In...
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    League of Hate

    That's a decent explanation thanks for the response. That's a pretty poor record but I do remember a couple of drubbings at your place. Yes there was a time when we seemed to win by default of a Southend own goal. Your late equaliser for 2-2 to go through 3-2 in the area final of the tinpot...
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    League of Hate

    Interesting that both Millwall and Charlton still list us despite being 2 leagues apart at the moment. We did play them a lot in the last 2 decades so makes sense. Brentford no doubt would as well if there was any data available. Surprised we maybe didn't appear on Peterborough and Oxford's...
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    Colchester United FC

    Colchester struggle for a competitive budget but I admire their youth system and promoting from within. They always seem to be coached the right way and whenever I have seen their younger players they seem technically decent. Orient have poached a few decent players off them over the years. They...
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    Macclesfield Town vs Leyton Orient

    My comment wasn't really an attack on Macc. There has always been an association with long northern trips and nil points in adverse weather and people tend to call these grim away days. It being a Tory area though certainly wouldn't attract me either. I'm sure Macc is pleasant enough in the...
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    Macclesfield Town vs Leyton Orient

    To be fair both leagues are fucking dogshite. There was nothing yesterday that we haven't already seen. Our team exploding like rat bags after 1 goal in a grim northern town in treacherous wind. We're just reclaiming our 'southern softies' tag which we wore so well even just 12 months ago in the...