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    Worst Excuses you have heard from Family/Friends about missing/being late for the footy?

    "Sorry, I was too busy pondering HBK's discussion-stimulating threads." No, really.
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    Stickied L2 Killer Football

    Morecambe ta.
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    F.A.Cup Predicta 2016/2017.....All Welcome

    Just kidding. Barnet vs Blackpool - HOME WIN.
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    F.A.Cup Predicta 2016/2017.....All Welcome

    I'll be in, providing oakroder doesn't dock me -300000 points for failing to predict... :hail:
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    Barnet v Exeter

    What a great little player he is. Pace in abundance, quality close control and has a good shot on him too. Much prefer seeing him on the right wing than at right back where I felt he lacked physicality, especially in League 2. Can we have him permanently please?
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    York v Wombles

    Uncanny... Quite disappointed you've sacked your manager actually. Surely the only way is up now?
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    Oxford v Barnet

    What a great result. Every man worked incredibly hard for that win and clearly, the sum is worth more than the individual parts. It really is difficult to pick who stood out. Jamie Stephens had an inspired game; he was really commanding and made some great saves. Elliot Johnson was his...
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    Stickied League 2 Away Support Thread 2022/23

    110 Bees at Hartlepool. Impressed with that.
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    Barnet v Accrington

    Our goalkeeper is better with his feet than both of our central midfielders. I think everyone is starting to realise how large a proportion of our team is not up to League 2 standard, myself included. We will be in a dogfight, make no mistake.
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    Wombles v Barnet

    Should bring a decent lot down for this game. I have a good feeling that we'll finally win a league game on the road on Saturday.
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    Pilgrims v Bees

    So, who'd have thought that MA would've been bluffing... Starting XI - Crocombe; Yiadom, N'Gala, Nelson, Johnson; Togwell, Weston; McLean, Gash, Gambin; Akinde. Pretty sure we will line up in a 4-2-3-1 away from home, or possibly 4-5-1 with Gash being the most attacking of a central midfield...
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    Bees vs Ds (& Rs)

    Very pleased with today's result - scoring 3 goals in back-to-back games just goes to show that things are beginning to click at one end of the pitch. Michael Gash - I've always rated his intelligent link-up play and it is good to see him adding more goals to his game. Also pleasing to see...
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    Bees vs Ds (& Rs)

    Can't make this one unfortunately, but I have a feeling we may get a second consecutive win :2thumb:. Off the high of last week I reckon we'll do it.
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    Herts Derby (In Middlesex), the Dembele special

    You're exactly right. Hoyte is a completely average L2 full-back. I'm pretty sure he was signed under the impression that Yiadom would no longer be with us come August 8th. As Barnsley tabled a series of ''derisory'' offers over the summer, Yids is still here and is being shoe-horned into the...
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    Herts Derby (In Middlesex), the Dembele special

    With the greatest of respects, I really hope we smash the scummers.