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  1. Megaclyde

    Playstation topic

    Hopefully they make an Arena spinoff too, or just rerelease/remaster the P4 one
  2. Megaclyde

    The "What Game Are You Currently Playing?" Thread

    Finishing up Horizon which I've enjoyed. Finished Sniper Elite 4, an ok game but a bit overpriced IMO, bought it on an impulse. And been getting back in Gwent these last couple of days, started playing in the big boys league (ranked) and doing ok
  3. Megaclyde

    The last game you bought

    What's your thoughts on it? I loved the first one and although I think the second is also great there's definitely certain things I disliked. Not a fan of the new VA for The Outsider, or Corvo having a voice at all either tbh
  4. Megaclyde

    The Holidays Thread

    Mate of mine who's a brickie went around most of Australia, ended up staying in Darwin and he loved it. Good money and cheaper than the other places I think.
  5. Megaclyde

    Random Picture Thread

  6. Megaclyde

    Match Day Liverpool v Arsenal, Saturday 4th March 17:30

    Do any Liverpool fans actually like Can? The few times I see him him he just seems a liability
  7. Megaclyde

    Playstation topic

    I'm interested but there's too many other games out atm that I'm trying to play, plus I'm still enjoying Dark Souls 3
  8. Megaclyde

    Playstation topic

    There's so many decent games out/coming out that I dunno what to do. I preordered Nier and Persona a while ago but just started Horizon so won't play them for a while. Any other instance I would have lapped up Nioh but won't have time to play it. Don't think i'll be back on BF1 for a while now...
  9. Megaclyde

    Playstation topic

    Same, originally wasn't going to get it but all the positive reviews convinced me. Reminds of Darksiders in how most of it's features we've seen before but they mix together well.
  10. Megaclyde

    1FF's Favourite War Films of All Time

    I didn't put a list in or anything, but would The Last Samurai have been eligible?
  11. Megaclyde

    Releases for 2016 and beyond.

    Really not a fan of this baby Groot stuff tbh. Reminds me too much of minions, doing annoying 'cute' stuff. Hopefully grows by the end of the film.
  12. Megaclyde

    Last of Us 2 announced

    Because he's old and theoretically more likely to die given the condition the worlds in. He's also not immune to the infection like Ellie
  13. Megaclyde

    Nintendo Switch Launch

    I agree with these points, Zeldas already testing me for long I can hold out before eventually crumbling and getting one and a Bayonetta 3 would be an instant buy but you really can't look too much into the sold out preorders. Nintendo always deliberately manufacture small amounts of consoles to...
  14. Megaclyde

    Nintendo Switch Launch

    Kind of off topic but was Beyond Good and Evil really that good? Honest question, I never played it but what little I saw of it it looked very average. What is it that has people holding it in such high regard? More on topic now, if Nintendo can utilize all their IP's then the switch could be...
  15. Megaclyde

    Game of the Year 2016?

    I haven't played that many games that released this year so my list is pretty short. Anyways here goes... 4. Uncharted 4 Undoubtedly a great game and I prefer it over U3 if nothing else than just for the 'cheats' you can use after you finish it. Purely from a story viewpoint I thought the final...
  16. Megaclyde

    The "What Game Are You Currently Playing?" Thread

    Play some operations, games last ages and less of the BS factor that conquest has.
  17. Megaclyde

    Playstation topic

    Nier Automata and GravityRush 2 demos out too
  18. Megaclyde

    The "What Game Are You Currently Playing?" Thread

    I've had it for a month or so, awesome game but also some very frustrating things to it. My problem is that I only really enjoy playing one specific class and am struggling to have fun using the others. Also the Hellriegel is by far the best gun in the game.
  19. Megaclyde

    The big "Mohawked" ska- punk thread

    Cheers, I liked the first one, but the others not so much. The 'newest' punk/hardcore band I heard that I liked was actually The Bronx but that was about 6 years ago, is there just not much these days? All rock music over here is stuck in the 80's with the odd one hit wonder from the 90's like...
  20. Megaclyde

    The big "Mohawked" ska- punk thread

    Getting nostalgic listening to old school Strung Out on youtube. Anyone got any suggestions for similar bands, preferably recent ones. Since I moved away I never hear of any new bands anymore unless I get a few weeks back in UK.