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    Last 16: England v Iceland 27th June, 8pm

    Disgraceful That should be the end of Rooney's international career
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    Chelsea v Southampton

    That rant was entertaining :D
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    Week 8 Secenarios (Deadline: 12.45 - Sat 3 Oct 2015)

    N S O V W Z - Chelsea 2-0 Southampton
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    Week 3 Scenarios (Deadine: 12:45 - Sat 22 Aug 2015)

    O L G E H Z - Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool
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    Week 2 Scenarios (Deadline: 12:45 - Sat 15 Aug 2015)

    E F I J P Z City 1-1 Chelsea
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    Week 1 Scenarios (Deadline: 12:45 - Sat 08 Aug 2015)

    A P O L G Z- Chelsea 2-0 Swansea
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    Rio Ferdinand Announces his Retirement

    United Legend One of the best ever in the PL and the best defender in the World at his peak :lol:
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    TPLG Cup 2015

    Thanks mate. You've done extremely well for your debut season..Usually it takes a while to get used to the game, but you've picked it up quickly. The experience will definitely help you challenge for the title next time
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    Final Results (Season 8)

    Well done Veggie Legs. You were consistent throughout and deserved to win the title. Congratulations to Lee Wilson and JustinQPR as well for a great campaign. It was a disappointing season for me..but i'll be back next season to try to win the title which has eluded me so far. And now that liu...
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    Week 38 Scenarios (Deadline: 15:00 - Sun 24 May 2015)

    P V R K J Z Chelsea 2-0 Sunderland
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    TPLG Cup 2015

    Delighted to have won the cup. After finishing 2nd for 3 seasons, it's great to actually win something. It's been a disappointing league campaign .. But i'd rather win the cup and finish outside the top in a way this has been an improvement on previous seasons Thanks for running this...
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    Liverpool v Crystal Palace

    Obviously i despise him, but he's been a great player for Liverpool. Nothing wrong with him getting a nice send off.
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    Man Utd v Arsenal

    Dominating Arsenal so far
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    Week 36 Scenarios (Deadline: 12:45 - Sat 9 May 2015)

    Welcome back liu. I've missed our rivalry :)
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    Week 36 Scenarios (Deadline: 12:45 - Sat 9 May 2015)

    K E N A I Z - Villa 2-1 West Ham
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    Week 35 Scenarios (Deadline: 12:45 - Sat 2 May 2015)

    E J K P Y Sunderland 1-1 Southampton Z Swansea 2 -1Stoke