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    Semi-Finals: Portugal v Wales, 6th July, 8pm

    Bale's choked tonight.
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    Stoke City vs Liverpool - League Cup Semifinal - 2nd Leg (1st Leg STK 0-1 LFC)

    Yeah the Welsh Allen was very composed!
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    Sean O'Driscoll to be named Liverpool assistant manger (?)

    He's got great character!
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    Welcome AFC Bournemouth

    An incredible achievement it must be said - congratulations and well done.
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    General Election 2015

    Poll of undecided voters: 56% Labour - 30% Conservatives
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    FA Cup 14-15

    This is quite small time for Villa.
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    FA Cup 14-15

    Decent finish, good old fashioned pitch invasion - something about the FA cup being ALIVE!
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    Newcastle v Man Utd - 4/3/15 19:45 BT SPORT

    Agreed - he has been impersonating a professional footballer for far too long now!
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    Manchester City vs Barcelona, super CL tie 1st leg, 24/02/2015

    Was going to come on here and say how average Kompany is - do not understand the hype surrounding him!
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    JPT Final 2015 - Bristol City vs Walsall

    Going along with my Bristol City supporting mates. Paid £40 for a ticket but I have no idea where we are sitting.
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    Obviously has struggled to adapt to LVG's long ball game.
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    Times reports Brentford to sack Warburton at the end of the season

    This is pathetic from the club, make a bloody announcement already.
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    Preston North End v Manchester United

    How utterly embarrassing United are - foul, offside and a dive for their goals.
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    Arsenal V Middlesbrough

    Middlesbrough play good, counter attacking football and if Arsenal play a weakened team with no Coq au vin for example, then I can see them being exposed. Should be an entertaining game!
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    Chelsea v Everton

    Why didn't Gibson clear that?
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    Chelsea v Everton

    Ivavonic headbutt! Lucky...
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    Pearson Sacked (or not)

    Very valid point by BlueBee for once - I am baffled as to why he hasn't been charged!
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    Times reports Brentford to sack Warburton at the end of the season

    The club have issued the following statement: "The Club is aware of some press speculation about the future of our Manager, Mark Warburton. Given Mark’s increasing profile within the game, we recognise that he will deservedly have turned the heads of other clubs. As with every other sensibly...