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    Boro - D Sheffield Utd - L Nottm Forest - W QPR - W Reading - D
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    Bristol City v Leeds

    A very tough game last night, gotta say Leeds have improved a hell of a lot since last season like us. Delighted we grinded out the win and to the start of the season. Very impressed with leeds centre halves. Looked solid
  3. Heisenberg20

    Bristol City vs Wigan

    Thoughts on the match yesterday... First half Wigan were far more composed than we were, we looked very nervous and didnt treat the ball well at all. No offence but a top side in this League like Newcastle could have put 3 past us first half. Second half complete opposite, we had energy, the...
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    Bristol City thread

    Made some very good signings this summer but I think we will finish about 14th, just progression onto the next season
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    Stickied Transfer Rumours & Confirmed Deals Thread

    Now now, I wasnt looking for no row with anyone :lol:
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    Stickied Transfer Rumours & Confirmed Deals Thread

    Like Taylor will be leaving for Oxford shortly. He signed a 1 year contract extension just so Rovers got a little bit of cash. Still, thats nothing compared to your apparent billionaire owner who has been missing since his walkabout up Gloucester rd on your final day
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    L2 Play Off Final - Plymouth v AFC Wimbledon

    Get in there Wimbledon thoroughly deserved. Poor old Plymouth another season in League 2 wish I could feel sorry for them
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    Welcome to Bristol Rovers and Oxford United

    Fair play to Rovers but hope they go no further as too many of them getting very cocky now! Swindon vs Oxford will be great as a neutral
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    City vs Brighton

    Brighton best side I have seen this season. In fairness they outclassed us all over the pitch and did a job on us. It's hard on Vyner, Brighton really exploited him last night and Freeman did very little to support him on that right hand side for us. Anyhow in the grand scheme of things the...
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    City vs Brighton

    1-1. I'd definitely take that to keep the unbeaten run going and Brighton are a good side.
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    MK vs Bristol City

    Lets not go that far, I never said Freeman was a bad player, just that he wasn't as good as a lot thought he was. He doesn't score enough goals for me for the position he plays.
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    MK vs Bristol City

    To be honest with you, I think you may not need that much to stay up. The 3 sides down the bottom are all worse than MK Dons. Charlton have to be one of the worst sides I have seen at Football League level the other week. Yeah your 5 points clear you had a shocker yesterday but aside from that...
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    MK vs Bristol City

    Oh definitely, I've said for months Freeman should be out on the wing, he can't cut it in the Middle at this level. LJ comes in and it's worked wonders for him, delighted for LF. The problem with us keeping Tomlin is if Bournemouth go down they may want him back and how much wages he's on. He's...
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    MK vs Bristol City

    This cannot be for real can it? Seriously. I'll give you Freeman for last season but Tomlin has genuine class.
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    MK vs Bristol City

    JET is a good player. However, in a losing team he sticks out like a sore thumb for him poor work rate in some matches. When on form he is pretty unstoppable for most defenders, if you get the best out of him it will probably keep MK Dons up. Nicky Maynard was a good finisher but again would go...
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    Bristol City vs Brentford

    I agree with you.... But I dont think Pack is the problem, its Korey Smith. He isnt strong enough and has been very quiet in the first 3 games. Smith will improve I am sure but he needs to put himself about a bit more. Pack can only get better with experience, he reminds me of Brian Tinnion if...
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    Bristol City vs Brentford

    Looking back on yesterday now I think we were very unlucky. Sending off changed the game, if we took our chances beforehand it may not of mattered. Need to get a solid Midfield otherwise we will be playing catch up very very quickly.
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    Bristol City vs Brentford

    Thought we were brilliant up until the Red card but felt Brentford were also capable of scoring at any moment aswell. I appreciate a lot of fellow City fans optimism but if we keep that team and keep the way we are playing which is too open wewill get battered most weeks if I am honest...
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    Sheff Wednesday (A) - Draw Luton - League Cup (A) - Win Brentford (H) - Draw Leeds (H) - Loss Middlesbrough (A) - Loss Burnley (H) - Draw
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    Table Predictions

    If our squad stays as it is then certain Relegation.