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  1. barnet_pls

    Couch to 5k

    I started a c25k app 2 years ago when literally couldn't jog for 1 minute at a time. I now do 10k twice a week. You just need to find a way of completing the app - even if it takes you longer than 12 weeks - keep going. You'll be amazed what you can do even within a month...
  2. barnet_pls

    Stickied League 1 Transfer Rumours/Confirmed Transfers 22/23

    In fact, I'd say he couldn't even cut it any higher than National League level. Probably best just to leave him where he is.
  3. barnet_pls

    2018/19 Division Four Kits

    I'm sure we'll do our usual and it'll be ready for sale about 1st September.
  4. barnet_pls

    Relegation Thread 2017/18

    He's settled down south -not a chance he'll go up north -certainly not for a NL team.
  5. barnet_pls

    Relegation Thread 2017/18

    So, interestingly how many point have we dropped from winning positions - most of those having ended up as defeats - not draws. My reckoning : Tue 12/09/17 LET Barnet 1 - 2 Exeter City ........ 1-0 up until 78th minute . . . . lost = 3 Sat 16/09/17 LET Carlisle United 1 - 1 Barnet ...
  6. barnet_pls

    Relegation Thread 2017/18

    It did seems from the highlights that we did at least look like we could score - eveneif they're keeper did play a blinder. Thats certainly improvement from McGee. I also think Westley has a theoretically crap midfield playing much better than past performance suggest. I would like to see...
  7. barnet_pls

    League 2 General Chat Thread

    Look forward to you scoring 0 on Saturday. Might mean we actually get a point.
  8. barnet_pls

    Kings of Gamesmanship vs Bunch of Kids (Wycombe vs Barnet)

    Are we actually creating any chances??
  9. barnet_pls

    Carlisle - Barnet

    Seems l was spot on. 5 points dropped. We really need to put our chances away otherwise no point in bothering.
  10. barnet_pls

    Promotion thread

    I thought we came close on Tuesday.
  11. barnet_pls

    The Gills, haha look at us thread...

    Isn't Martin Allen the type of manager you need?
  12. barnet_pls

    Carlisle - Barnet

    We should be going into this with confidence following the Exeter performance - and previous wins against Luton and Swindon. We simply need to score goals reflecting any periods of pressure - rather only having a single goal and letting the other team back in. We showed periods of midfield...
  13. barnet_pls

    Luton vs Swindon

    So you've both lost to Barnet already this season, l guess this game will be an indicator for 2 / 3rd place in the table - at best.
  14. barnet_pls

    Barnet v Cambridge

    Excited to see Tarpey firsthand together with the rejuvenated Coul Hirst, so as long as we don't give them any type of headstrong, then this should be a good game as prelude to Exeter on Tuesday - which will give us an idea on how far away we are from the early pacesetters.
  15. barnet_pls

    THL Expansion

    Only because he very nearly lost his seat - and certainly will do in any next election.
  16. barnet_pls

    Swindon v Barnet

  17. barnet_pls

    Swindon v Barnet

    I'd hope we also have a reaction against our last 2 0-1 L2 games. Though it seems they mainly stemmed from sound defence, but no ability to put away the chances created. I'm hopeful that if Swindon can ship 3 against, Crawley, then we've certainly got a good chance here. However, l can't...
  18. barnet_pls

    Fans, check in here

    Yes no clues to the team l support.
  19. barnet_pls

    Crewe Alex v Newport

    Interestingly we were actual pretty physical and robust against Luton yesterday - something that we can't at all be accused of in recent times. I suppose after the last days result last season you'd be confident, hopefully we're better than that.
  20. barnet_pls

    Crewe Alex v Newport

    Surprised that you seem to expect to beat Barnet next week, with our good start. We deservedly beat Luton, Peterborough and Swansea in re entered weeks - so hopefully our win against 'champion elect' yesterday isn't a flash in the pan.