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  1. Smally

    Where did it begin for you?

    Premier manager on the mega drive was my first manager game, it was 94/95 season and Duncan Ferguson was amazing on it. On PC the first I played was Champioship Manager 96/97, I was fucking awful on this game with everyone apart from Juventus. Allen Boksic, Roberto Baggio and Del Piero all...
  2. Smally

    The official WWE prediction league thread

    AJ Shield Charlotte The bar Raw men via Owens & Zayn Raw women Enzo Raw bonus points
  3. Smally

    1FF Film Club - NINTENDO

    I’m amazed Mortal Kombat wasn’t an option
  4. Smally

    Stickied What are you currently watching?

    Mindhunter on Netflix is pretty good, gotmone episode left. Stranger Things season 2 is out today too
  5. Smally

    The PPV Discussion Thread

    Finn vs AJ was very good, the main event was a throwback to a massive cluster fuck that worked and did exactly what it needed to
  6. Smally

    Everton Appoint Ronald Koeman - 3 year deal

    Where all this talk of us signing Icardi and Belotti has come from I don’t know. We were not linked with Icardi in any way, and Belotti would seem the type of player we would like to sign, but Torino would want mega money for him. Him being ‘too big’ for Everton, or any side, is just hyperbole...
  7. Smally

    Everton Appoint Ronald Koeman - 3 year deal

    I hope we go all out for Tuchel. We’ve also been linked with the Shakhtar boss Fonseca
  8. Smally

    Lots of under performing managers - Who will be NEXT to go?

    Koeman is solely responsible for our dreadful season. We’ve not played with a plan in the majority of games, isn’t giving anyone a fair chance to stake a claim in the first team (except Rooney who he loves despite him having about an hours worth of good performance in total). He also made us a...
  9. Smally

    Everton Appoint Ronald Koeman - 3 year deal

    Koeman’s got to go now, it’s unreal how badly we’ve regressed
  10. Smally

    The official WWE prediction league thread

    Shield & Angle Asuka Bliss Balor Enzo Kendrick & Gallagher Sasha
  11. Smally

    Everton Appoint Ronald Koeman - 3 year deal

    We should have binned Koeman by now and should be going after Tuchel with all we have
  12. Smally

    Jürgen Kop

    He gets the fans to love his personality. But there's still a lot more he could do to make Liverpool better. Rodgers had Suarez, Klopp doesn't have anyone near that level, so I think will get through the season without bigger questions asked.
  13. Smally

    The official WWE prediction league thread

    Braun Roman Miz Ambrose & rollins Banks Bray Neville
  14. Smally

    Match Day West Ham v Huddersfield, Monday 11th September 20:00

    West Ham don't win this I can see Bilic going and being replaced by Rafa
  15. Smally

    Match Day Brighton v West Brom, Saturday 9th September 15:00

    Like the look of Gross and think he could well be one of the signings of the season, as long as Houghton doesn't play like he did at Norwich a few years ago
  16. Smally

    Match Day Southampton v Watford, Saturday 9th September 15:00

    Only really seen him on match of the day, but Fraser Forster looks to have been awful for about a year now, any obvious reason for that?
  17. Smally

    Swansea set for top four?

    He played there today for us and didn't look up to much, he went central later on and was much better there
  18. Smally

    Match Day Man City v Liverpool, Saturday 9th September 12:30

    Definite red, despite that not being Mane's intention. Liverpool struggled last season without Mane if I recall, he'll be out for 3 games now. Coutinho will probably come straight back in for him
  19. Smally

    Swansea set for top four?

    Abertawe how often did Sigurdsson play wide left for you, and was he any good there?