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  1. Luton Cobbler

    Northampton v Newport

    Newport definitely deserved something out of the game. I was really impressed with Elito - thought he ran the midfield in the second half. Newport played with no fear, they had nothing to lose and can take heart from the performance if not the outcome. At this stage of the season any win will...
  2. Luton Cobbler

    To Pee Or Not To Pee

    You have to see the bigger picture to realise you should be praising his actions not condemning. Well done James. 'He pees where he wants. he pees where he wants.....' :-)
  3. Luton Cobbler

    Cobblers v More Than A Womble

    As predicted an abysmal display from Mr Gibbs tonight. Shocking for both teams. How does he still get games?? Credit to Wimbledon tonight. One of the best teams to visit Sixfields this season. Pace up top which we couldn't handle and a strong pressing game all over the park. Carry on the...
  4. Luton Cobbler

    Cobblers v More Than A Womble

    Potential banana skin for us after Saturday's draw. Anything but a win and the natives will start moaning and going in to panic moan. No doubt a few will even call for Wilder to go! Seriously though we need a win to get back to winning ways especially with a long difficult trip to Carlisle on...
  5. Luton Cobbler

    Strangest/funniest thing you have heard over a club's PA system

    Totally off piste, but I'd like to shake this guys hand New Zealand have apologised after a stadium announcer played the sound of a cash register opening when Pakistan's Mohammad Amir ran in to bowl.
  6. Luton Cobbler

    Northampton to be sold to Indian Consortium

    Yes, we can only hope that Cardoza and his band of merry men get what's due, although I don't expect this to happen quickly. It's a very complicated web that will take time to untangle. Oh how I'd love to be a member of the Jury when / if this gets to Court. Think I might be seen as having an...
  7. Luton Cobbler

    Cobblers vs MK (FA Cup 3rd round)

    I consider a Derby to be a game against rivals, not just a local team. You can buy a club but not history. Maybe in 100 years it might be seen differently but never in my life time will that be the case. Our rivals will always be the Pish
  8. Luton Cobbler

    Rob Dunkley Charity Donations

    Dear football family Rob's parents are collecting money to support two Charities, one of who is linked to Rob's biggest passion - the Cobblers. If anybody would like to donate in his memory they can do so via the link below Many thanks in advance
  9. Luton Cobbler

    Northampton V Barnet

    Law 13 - seems pretty clear to me. Point 2 Law 13 Free Kicks FIFA Laws of the Game 2015-16 Free kick outside the penalty area all opponents must be at least 9.15 m (10 yds) from the ball until it is in play the ball is in play when it is kicked and moves the free kick is taken from the place...
  10. Luton Cobbler

    Northampton V Barnet

    I think you'll find the ball has to physically move to be in play. Other than that fact nothing wrong with it at all.....
  11. Luton Cobbler

    Northampton V Barnet

    I think the PA guy had left the mic on and the applause from the West Stand was what you thought was being piped in As has been said we cruised to victory without really getting out of second gear. The Keeper really did keep the score respectable. One question for the Bees fans - what the hell...
  12. Luton Cobbler

    Your three wishes for 2016...

    As we enter 2016 what are your three realistic wishes specific to your Club? For me it's; 1 - That we continue playing some great football and get promotion 2 - That the East Stand is finally completed 3 - That David Cardoza (NTFC former Chairman) gets what he's due in relation to the missing...
  13. Luton Cobbler

    Northampton V Barnet

    On the day our friend Rob Dunkley, who this L2 forum is named after, has been buried I think we ought to stop the petty squabbling and have a reality check guys
  14. Luton Cobbler

    Northampton v Accrington

    Referee was shocking. Dished out yellow cards like confetti in the first half and then gave nothing in the second. As a ref you must know you've had a shocker when the home team win and you still get booed off! Was also impressed with Stanley. Played with high tempo and moved the ball around...
  15. Luton Cobbler

    York v Northampton (Boxing Day)

    Sadly the days of local games on Boxing Day are long gone. The Old Bill put pay to that few years back. It's now just what the 'computer' throws your way
  16. Luton Cobbler

    Have you ever seen yourself on Sky Sports/Football League Show?

    As per profile pic I did the 5 second trailers for Budweiser when they sponsored the FA Cup about 5 years ago.
  17. Luton Cobbler

    York v Northampton (Boxing Day)

    Given our record at York it's a nailed on home win. Our last victory there was when??? (I don't know)
  18. Luton Cobbler

    Luton Town Relocation Plans

    Having lived in Luton most of my life and just a couple of miles from the site, I think it's a great location for the Hatters to move to. Central to so many amenities that will give the Town Centre a potential boost. Obviously it has the potential to bring with it the problems that football fans...
  19. Luton Cobbler

    The 1/2 way point

    For NTFC it has to be 10/10. Given our off field problems it has been nothing short of a miracle that we are in the Top 3. Not only that but the quality of football in the last couple of months has been the best for 30 years. We've also been fortunate to have very few injuries. From here on, I...
  20. Luton Cobbler

    RIP HertsCobbler

    I was with Rob that evening. Trust me, he went home happy beyond belief!! He left us with bragging rights over our LTFC supporting mates.