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  1. Trapdoor

    Tues 21/ Sat 25/ Sun 26 March

    We've been threatening that for a while now. Accrington got fisted today and it could have been 7.
  2. Trapdoor

    Tues 14/Fri 17/Sat 18 March

    Away at Cheltenham. My first in person away game of the season. Shocking performance from me this year but it's just not worked out this season for me. Think it will be a close game, both teams are inconsistent and quite evenly matched on paper. Would take a point before kick off but if we...
  3. Trapdoor

    The real league table

    FGR wont survive in L2 next season unless Vince pumps shed loads of cash into the club again.
  4. Trapdoor

    The Mid-Table Thread

    We are now nailed on winners for this. Bit of a disappointing season after a pretty good start. A few horrible curveballs with Taylor leaving suddenly and Jev getting arrested put paid to any possible tilt at the P/Os but equally our base level is not anywhere near relegation. Just give us...
  5. Trapdoor

    w/e Saturday 12th November 2022

    Just a young championship level midfielder playing in L1. Don't worry, he makes a lot of teams look pretty silly every week, you're nothing special.
  6. Trapdoor

    w/e Saturday 12th November 2022

    Get the fuck in. That is a huge 3 points for us. Good tough game of football between 2 good sides. It was a very evenly balanced match with plenty of skill on show but that is a massive boost mentally for us to come back from 1-2 down.
  7. Trapdoor


    His bias was truly unreal. Unlistenable as a city fan but you couldn't fault the man for his passion. A colourful chap.
  8. Trapdoor

    Week: - Tuesday 11th October & Saturday 15th October

    3 fairly lucky goals, bunch of deflections. :( The crazy thing is despite conceding 4 I felt we deserved at least a point from the game. We had a shot come off the underside of the crossbar etc. Just one of those games where nothing goes our way.
  9. Trapdoor

    Is it time for a 'Managerial Merry go round' thread?

    Highest ever finish (joint) so I make you right bauy. He weren't bad. Finished his 12 year tenure with a 39% winrate which is not too shabby. The bridge was well and truly burnt after the contract renegotiation drama in 2016 so I'd put money on us winning the league before betting on Tizzers...
  10. Trapdoor

    Is it time for a 'Managerial Merry go round' thread?

    We wont accept hoofball merchants. Whoever comes in will be given a mandate to play football. We have to do it like that because we rely so heavily on youngsters coming through and being sold on to higher divisions. Big, hard thugs just dont pay the bills. Double 'ard bastards kickin' t'...
  11. Trapdoor

    Is it time for a 'Managerial Merry go round' thread?

    Zero chance Tisdale returns. The bookies are having a bubble with that idea. Artell is a bit more plausible. Jon Hill is already in Exeter, but I dont think he quite has the right profile for an immediate appointment just now, maybe in a couple of years he will step up. Personally would like...
  12. Trapdoor

    Clubs Rivals

    Yep completely tedious survey on a tedious topic.
  13. Trapdoor

    Americans buy 20% of Plymouth Argyle

    Living in our shadow as per normal.... :bye:
  14. Trapdoor

    Tuesday 16th August 2022

    That guy is the most deluded man in football. And that's saying something while Steve Evans is still a manager....
  15. Trapdoor

    Carabao Cup 22/23

    We aren't that good. I think we will finish around 15th this season. Don't worry about us just yet lads.
  16. Trapdoor

    Carabao Cup 22/23

    Huh.... Weird game. Guess CTFC wanted to focus on the league.
  17. Trapdoor

    Saturday 6th August 2022

    You've not seen anything yet. Revisit this post at the end of the season and reflect on your innocence, poor summer child.
  18. Trapdoor

    Saturday 6th August 2022

    4-0.... Vale getting battered here now.
  19. Trapdoor

    Americans buy 20% of Plymouth Argyle

    To be fair, since the 80's the council have at least been trying to improve things. They are hampered by some problematic areas which cant easily by fixed like the industrial estates and navy base. The grim 70's buildings will all eventually get replaced with time which will help a bit.