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  1. thespus

    Match Day Everton v Arsenal, Tuesday 13th December 19:45

    Nervous about this: 1) Mustafi is a big miss 2) usually Arsenal schadenfreude comes in rapid-fire multiples and we've already begun with the Bayern draw
  2. thespus

    Jürgen Kop

    Yep: a Mourinho trick. Unbecoming but potentially effective.
  3. thespus

    Champions League 2016/17

    The way I see it: we might win the tie 20-25/100 times against Bayern, closer to 5-10/100 against Madrid. I think we're going out, but if there is an increased chance of going through, by my arbitrary estimation, I prefer that option.
  4. thespus

    Jürgen Kop

    He's an unabashedly emotional person, so there will inevitably times where his frustrations are visible. I don't remember a specific interaction like this Neville tiff, but that is from around a minute of consideration.
  5. thespus

    Match Day Liverpool v West Ham, Sunday 11th December 16:30

    Sakho is a good defender (albeit he never was Koscielny level as some asserted :fish:). He's had dodgy spells, but every defender will. Defending well requires at least 6-7 dedicated players, but CBs in sides that concede too many inevitably take the blame. He might be the most naturally...
  6. thespus

    Champions League 2016/17

    Heard a Liverpool fan at a pub, likely a G-Dragon sort, claiming Liverpool shouldn't be worried about Arsenal in the title race because we have a large sample size of Arsenal not winning the league. The naivety is astounding. :dk: Shit draw. I'd rather Bayern than Madrid, but it's likely...
  7. thespus

    Match Day Man Utd v Tottenham, Sunday 11th December 14:15

    Mourinho says Mkhitaryan will only miss a week or so. Great news for Manchester United. He was comfortably the MOTM today.
  8. thespus

    Match Day Liverpool v West Ham, Sunday 11th December 16:30

    Is Matip fit? If not, I think the Andy Carroll goal is as inevitable as 2017 global inflation. Still, this should be a win for Liverpool. I'd bet the over on 4 total goals.
  9. thespus

    Match Day Arsenal v Stoke, Saturday 10th December 15:00

    Bellerin might be back. Obviously his recovery speed is an asset, but his presence also allows Walcott to play higher up and look for runs behind. Along with Santi's role in midfield, it's another distinct style our attack inherently relies upon. Perez shouldn't be benched after a hattrick...
  10. thespus

    Depay and Schneiderlin

    I think Depay is a bust. He can be an Alexis or Hazard level attacker in a slower paced game, but he's not shown he can produce at Premier League intensity, or in a side where more of an all-around game is demanded because he isn't the star. Schneiderlin would be a great signing for most PL...
  11. thespus

    Champions League 2016/17

    Marco ties it up at the Bernabeu in the 88th, keeping BVB top.
  12. thespus

    Champions League 2016/17

    Lucas with the hattrick. There isn't an elite option among the bunch, but I like the diversity of styles in our wingers: Lucas, Walcott, Welbeck, Ox, and Iwobi.
  13. thespus

    City have already won the league

    Not only is it a comparison lacking in correlation, but it doesn't counterpoint what you quoted. Vidic received very high wages, relative to the era in which he played, and was a key player of what was consistently the most (occasionally second most) expensive side in England. His partner, Rio...
  14. thespus

    City have already won the league

    Aguero and Fernandinho will miss the match against Arsenal in two Sundays time.
  15. thespus

    Match Day West Ham v Arsenal, Saturday 3rd December 17:30

    Alexis, what a performance - think his third was offside, though. Xhaka and Oxlade-Chamberlain each had good performances. Koscielny very good, too. Bellerin and Welbeck returning soon, but Xhaka needs to maintain this form if we're going to challenge now that Cazorla is missing the majority.
  16. thespus

    Match Day Man City v Chelsea, Saturday 3rd December 12:30

    Credit to Chelsea. They were clinical and determined. Man City outplayed them for the majority of the game, and should have scored more.
  17. thespus

    PL shit that doesn't need it's own thread.

    Unless your thing is Brendan Rodgers cringe porn, good choice.
  18. thespus

    Jürgen Kop

  19. thespus

    Stickied MLS

    An MLS final in Seattle would be brilliant for the league. Nicolas Lodeiro, ala Giovinco, are the types of signings the MLS needs to continue improving its level. Obviously more homegrown talent, too, but that has steady improved—see FC Dallas—and academies are still relatively young. It takes...
  20. thespus

    The Injury Thread

    Chance Coutinho returns for the match at Old Trafford, then. I agree with JJ, this should be a chance for Sturridge at striker. They desperately need Lallana back now, without him or Coutinho, they are significantly less effective transitioning between lines and breaking down organized defenses...