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  1. devilofajob

    Fixtures 28th March

    Just the two, and none Wednesday - AFC Wimbledon v Walsall Crawley v Grimsby Our final game in hand. Hopefully keep the unbeaten run going and widen the gap to the bottom 2, and jump a couple of places with a win.
  2. devilofajob

    Tues 21/ Sat 25/ Sun 26 March

    Watters was great for us, wish we still had him. Genuinely interested to know what Barnsley fans think?
  3. devilofajob

    Tuesday 21st March

    Doh!! Apologies, didn't think to check Wednesday and I can't seemingly edit the title.
  4. devilofajob

    Tuesday 21st March

    Bradford v Carlisle Crawley v Doncaster Gillingham v Crewe I hope we can maintain our recent form. A win for us and Gillingham losing would increase the gap to the bottom 2 and bring Colchester, Gillingham and Harrogate within reach. Two of the current bottom 6 to go down.
  5. devilofajob

    28th Jan fixtures

    Dom Telford 1, Salford fans 0
  6. devilofajob

    21/1/23 - League 2 Fixtures

    A bit miffed with SUFC. Rang Friday to see if inspection likely, young lady at club totally clueless! E-mailed SUFC SLO who said pitch looked fine. Disappointed that called off when on route from York! Now, I know my own club have been shite in the past, but surely getting a refs opinion on...
  7. devilofajob

    John Yems

    Statement just now from FA, unhappy with independent panel finding of "no racism" and considering their legal options!
  8. devilofajob

    John Yems Not a good look
  9. devilofajob

    John Yems

    I agree with your last sentence Casey. From what I've been told by someone who witnessed some comments, he should have known better.
  10. devilofajob

    Stickied League 2 Transfer Rumours/Confirmed Transfers 22/23

    We've apparently signed Tobi Omole, a centre back, From Spurs!
  11. devilofajob

    Managerial Merry-Go-Round 2020/21
  12. devilofajob

    John Yems

    FA hearing on 17th May apparently.
  13. devilofajob

    John Yems

    Thought you might like the view of a fellow crawley fan and friend of JY - "It isn't just about him - the allegations alone are enough to cope with - but from the stage where the media are doorstepping you, it becomes about your family and those close to you as well. We could not imagine the...
  14. devilofajob

    John Yems

    Whether there is or isn't, this was the only way out for both parties I think.
  15. devilofajob

    John Yems
  16. devilofajob

    League 2 General Chat Thread

    Could be interesting/lively -
  17. devilofajob

    Saturday 30th April & Monday 2nd May

    And penguins at ours. They've also done Smurfs and storm troopers.
  18. devilofajob

    League 2 General Chat Thread Doesn't sound at all good!
  19. devilofajob

    Friday 22nd April / Saturday 23rd April

    I think we'll score, and seem to do better against teams above us. Maybe not this time. 2-1 loss
  20. devilofajob

    Easter Monday: 18th March 2022

    I believe we haven't conceded one yet. Some sort of record?