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  1. Scrumpy

    Wolves takeover

    You can count us out of that. We've got a billionaire Bristolian! Good luck to Wolves, but doubt there will be a gert massive spending spree due to not having any parachute payments and FFP. Bigger wages or fees perhaps, but not both I'd imagine. Will be interested to see how things pan out...
  2. Scrumpy

    Kits for next season

    At least you've not gone with the women's type of collar that Puma can offer. Newcastle and Arsenal spring to mind.
  3. Scrumpy

    Graham Westley Sacked

    Sorry, but couldn't hear anything. Must be bullshit?!
  4. Scrumpy

    Bristol C v Wednesday

    Very quickly it became clear that you needed to take that lump off up front. If Weds decided to play faster tempo footy on the ground, you'd cause us more problems. CC had a tactical nightmare and it took him too long to realise. Once the changes were made it looked like a whole different game...
  5. Scrumpy

    FA Cup 2015/16

    Swansea game also on BBC Wales, prior to the Chelsea v Scunthorpe game.
  6. Scrumpy

    Best Player you have seen your team face?

    Overall, either Suarez or Eto'o. Though both were friendly matches. Championship wise, Zaha was sensational. This season Diame of Hull looks an absolute beast. A dynamic all round player.
  7. Scrumpy

    Bolton v Bristol City

    Expect the same team again today, Agard is such a menace and stops teams from playing out of defence. Reid in for Freeman would be my choice, but Cotts is very loyal with his selections. In positive spirits for this one. 1-3 to City.
  8. Scrumpy

    League 1 Managerial Changes (2015/2016)

    Power is a crook in my opinion. Harry Agombar played once for them and he isn't a pro footballer. Power and Harry's dad do 'business' - both are crooks. Tommy Agombar is Harry's father. Harry's 'career' has been a joke already, no surprises there. Harry made one appearance (at the end of last...
  9. Scrumpy

    League 1 Managerial Changes (2015/2016) Ling appointed. Not yet confirmed whether it's until the end of the season, or long term.
  10. Scrumpy

    League 1 Managerial Changes (2015/2016)

    Been told Martin Ling to takeover, (perhaps until the end of the season) at Swindon. Williams turned it down too?! Would Ling be a good appointment? Don't know too much about him.
  11. Scrumpy

    City vs Fulham

    The penalty shout at 0-1 was exemplary.
  12. Scrumpy

    Bristol City vs Nottingham Florist

    Feeling stronger? :happy:
  13. Scrumpy

    Bolton fan gets tattoo of the score from yesterday

    That's what happens when you drink six pints of STELLA :whistle:
  14. Scrumpy

    I automatically think a person is intellectually inferior when......

    Not sure what you're on about there. :2thumb: Back on topic... When the urban dictionary is used wittingly, then not appreciated by others. Not understanding is fine.:fish:
  15. Scrumpy

    I automatically think a person is intellectually inferior when......

    When people experience simple things in life and feel the need to film and upload online. What's worse is when they film theirselves reacting to something, such as a goal (keeping it relative). When people take 'selfies' in populated areas. Plenty of people to take a normal picture for you...
  16. Scrumpy

    Loan Stars - expensive players for a fraction of the cost

    Not sure. But if it isn't already, it would be good to see a list of unregistered players. Saying that, it can't be as Adebayor isn't on the list! Any footy boffins able to source a list? SERNWA? UTS? Please feel free to make yourselves seem at least half useful!
  17. Scrumpy

    Loan Stars - expensive players for a fraction of the cost

    My guess would be loans. 2 exceptions at the time, now 1. From the list, Pritchard and almost any of the strikers listed!
  18. Scrumpy

    Rate the username above you

    Would like to see some magic, as yet, no evidence. False name? 3/10.
  19. Scrumpy

    Random Picture Thread

    Sauce: Trying to contend Phil Jones for ugliest expression during a footy match?