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  1. Laticsbiffo

    Latics vs Grecians

    According to Soccerbase Clarkey has only had 4 yellow cards all season and one of those was in Checkatrade so I think he will be able to play. Exeter managed a win last weekend and by all accounts have been playing better than their results have shown. Still expecting a battle this weekend and...
  2. Laticsbiffo

    Cobblers v latics

    I'd also expect some of our fans to turn up and pay on the day at Rochdale. especially those who want some trouble.
  3. Laticsbiffo

    Rochdale vs Latics

    Result of this game is going to be absolutely massive, and I'm not very confident at all. Hope I'm wrong but going for 2-0 for t'Dale.
  4. Laticsbiffo

    Relegation Thread 2017/18

    Bookies have had us going down for 7 out of last 9 years.....haven't gone yet and hopeful that I'm not tempting fate.I don't think we'll succumb this year either, although every team down there seems to have perked up a little recently, including us. I'd be more worried if I were Oxford, hitting...
  5. Laticsbiffo

    Little Scamps V Scruffy Tramps

    Rochdale will knick this one, if the history of the fixture in League 1 pans out. 15 Oct 16 Rochdale - Bury 2-0 12 Mar 16 Rochdale - Bury 3-0 17 Oct 15 Bury - Rochdale 0-0 28 Jan 12 Rochdale - Bury 3-0 10 Sep 11 Bury - Rochdale 2-4
  6. Laticsbiffo

    The 2016/17 Relegation Thread

    Big game for the bucket Shakers tonight. Local derby with Dale. If they don't get 3 pts they'll be right back in the shite... A home game against Northampton and 2 away against Bolton and Southend doesn't look easy. I think they need 4 points, minimum. With Gillingham, Shrews and Swindon having...
  7. Laticsbiffo

    Fleetwood v Blackpool

    Fleetwood will win this. They are a better team than Blackpool by far.
  8. Laticsbiffo

    The League One Relegation Thread 15/16

    I really hope Fleetwood beat Blackpool on Saturday. Cmon Fleetwood from what I have seen recently you are a much better team than the Donkey Lashers......
  9. Laticsbiffo

    The League One Relegation Thread 15/16

    Well Latics are resurrected and alive again. The Shezzarection is complete. Can't see Blackpool winning all 3 and us not picking up 3 more points.
  10. Laticsbiffo

    Fleetwood v Oldham

    I'm sure we'll do our best Fedora. Thanks for helping with the Donkey Lashers.
  11. Laticsbiffo

    Dale v Blackpool

    Love might be too strong a word, but for God's sake play to your potential today and smash the Donkey Lashers..... Would love to see Rochdale in the play offs personally. Think you deserve it. Don't think you'll go up through them but i think you've earned a shot.
  12. Laticsbiffo

    Fleetwood v Oldham

    At least Fleetwood have been sensible about ticketing policy. Not pay on the day for the home fans and proof of address before you get your home tickets. Rochdale didn't put either of these sensible precautions in place and that allowed Latics fans an easy (but ultimately trouble causing)...
  13. Laticsbiffo

    Fleetwood v Oldham

    Up until midweek I would have disagreed but we picked up 3 or 4 injuries on Tuesday. I would take a draw now, and enjoy my fish and chips happily! That said a Shezza team will not give in. We will fight to the end and see what happens. Big attendance from Latics fans guaranteed, so should be a...
  14. Laticsbiffo

    Stickied League One Away Support Thread 2023/24

    I agree. if his judgement on loan players is anything to go off Corney should give him a decent budget to play with. We knownthat wont happen though, dont we ...?
  15. Laticsbiffo

    Barnsley vs Derbyshire but basically Yorkshire lads

    obviously not...
  16. Laticsbiffo

    The League One Relegation Thread 15/16

    Amazing result for Latics today. Good results elsewhere for a change. Get in.
  17. Laticsbiffo

    Oldham Athletic vs Walsall

    One thing your midfield will not get is time and space. We are playing good old fashioned yard dog biting at your ankles type football. Your right we do have to attack but we are getting quite adept at keeping clean sheets 3 out of last 4. If your not up for a battle though you might as well not...
  18. Laticsbiffo

    Stickied League One Away Support Thread 2023/24

    Only because it was on the telly box
  19. Laticsbiffo

    Oldham Athletic vs Walsall

    Would settle for a 1-1 to be honest. Although a win would be massive for us. Car park is still there, but not quite as big. Should be OK to get in it if you get there before 2:30 ish Stand is sort of complete. Some of the insides still need finishing (Gym, Supporters Bar, etc) but it does make...


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