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    Crewe Alex vs Bradford City

    First 5 minutes or so I thought Bradford looked like a team trying for the autos, seemed quicker to the ball and pressed hard. After Dan Agyei had rinsed the full back the defence looked terrified the ball went near them. Having only seen them in the game at their place where they were...
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    1st/2nd 2023 League 2 Fixtures

    Always look forward to Tranmere at home as usually a decent game. Thought Tranmere had a really good spell for 25 minutes or so and not sure we ventured out of our half until the goal, but what a strike. We dug in 2nd half and probably should have had a second. Tranmere looked comfortable until...
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    26th/27th League 2 Fixtures

    We are so poor, just can’t see where the next goal is coming from never mind a point. County looked comfortable all afternoon but the goals looked to be soft from our perspective. Seemed a strange atmosphere too with the fans, Boxing Day, local game for the first time in 10 years just didn’t...
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    Saturday 27th August

    Hit the nail on the with not know to expect. Wouldn’t surprise if we won 3-1, lost 4+0 or a high scoring draw. With Brook out for a few weeks it’ll be another change but dont think anyone has stepped up other than CBR coming in for Sambou. First goal will probably dictate where we go in this one.
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    Saturday 20th August

    I’d agree with all of that and would’ve taken a point before the game. Whilst it was crap to concede at the end we didn‘t help ourselves with sitting so deep. Draw was a fair result, and not a bad start to the season.
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    1st January matches.

    Crikey we were poor today even by this season’s standard. Really disappointed if the management team didn’t know what to expect, think I’ve strained my neck with the ball being in the air that much, awful but effective against a weak defence. Great strike for the 3rd goal but Offord was so soft...
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    29th December Thread

    Much needed 3 points tonight, great goal from Murphy to win it. It felt like we were going take a mistake for Morecambe to score, which we did and as per usual made a few in the 2nd half leading to attacks, or chances. Absolutely brilliant from the Morecambe commentary team…but but we are so...
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    2020/21 Pre-Season Friendlies Thread

    Seriously some of the shit on social media, EFL league 2 player of the year starts, strongest line up, what sort of pasting is coming this way, ready to win the league....It’s a pre season game. Im sure it will do Bolton more good than the Alex. No axe to grind, good luck to our friends up the...
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    Crewe vs Macclesfield - Cheshire Derby

    Just looked at the odds, 1/5 for automatic promotion, cant think I’ve seen that before. Plenty of games to play and some tough away games. Need to stay focused and keep on going. Good to be 2nd though.
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    Stickied League 2 Away Support Thread 2023/24

    Not disagreeing, just a balanced view.
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    Plymouth vs Crewe (6 pointer!!!)

    Harder to miss than score but he’s won a few points for us. Not what we needed today, regroup and move on.
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    Stickied League 2 Away Support Thread 2023/24

    Also took 200 to Morecambe, for perspective
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    Promotion Thread

    How tight is it now, late winner for Exeter, Swindon stay top with us losing but we stay top 3. Vale make the top 5... Have Colchester shot their load?
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    Crewe Vs Oldham

    Oldham fans were great, supported the team and were noisy until we equalised, then not a lot, well nothing really. However the shithouse master Dino, got exactly what he needed, nothing. Why waste time from 10 minutes? The keeper was an embarrassing, and crap. But well done anyway.
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    Crewe Vs Oldham

    We only win 1 game a season against Oldham which we’ve had. Draw or away win unfortunately.
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    18th Jan match thread

    Tough tight game v Cheltenham, however I think they are the most limited side I’ve seen. Up there for a reason but good god, front to back in no time. Fortunately we defended well and Nottingham looked pretty solid. Need to follow up at Macc (never win there) to make it interesting.
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    Swindon vs Crewe (1st Vs 3rd)

    Got to be honest Swindon seems to be one of those places we don’t do well as a rule so expect to lose, however hopeful the lads put in a performance after how they’ve done largely so far. Would take a point now.
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    Promotion Thread

    Got to be honest, if it’s Worrall then he’s pretty good at this level but says a lot if he carry’s Vale that much.
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    D - Road definitely not rivals non derby (Crewe vs Vale)

    Got to be honest, Vale pressed and pressed, let us have the ball where it didn’t really matter, no use having two thirds of possession on the edge of the box. Disappointed that once again we don’t play a normal game but that’s about right. Well done to PV, probably shaded it. Not bitter but...


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