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  1. sk8mk

    Biggest fixture in League One?

    Dons vs Kingston
  2. sk8mk

    Which away games are you most and least looking forward to for the 2017/18 season, and why?

    Most: - Blackpool, only new ground for me this season - Charlton, local London game against Robinson Least - AFC, will no doubt be another bubble match on a Tuesday night - Gillingham, will probably rain
  3. sk8mk

    Stickied League One Away Support Thread 2023/24

    758 mk at walsall
  4. sk8mk

    Stickied League One Away Support Thread 2023/24

    I think the Wolves allocation was a one off and doubt we will be giving any club that amount of tickets anytime soon. 7,000 odd seems to be our max allocation now so I wouldn't take it personally. Funny how we are pushing corporate tickets for away fans, can only be a good thing for the clubs...
  5. sk8mk

    The 2016/17 Relegation Thread

    Great result for us tonight! Hopefully that means we are pretty much safe now.
  6. sk8mk

    AFC Wimbledon vs MK Dons

    Because this has been done for 'safety reasons' I imagine any fee to the broadcasting company will be lower than normal. "we suggested that the match should be screened live by means of a beam-back, as was done for the Millwall and Charlton games this season. On those previous occasions we’ve...
  7. sk8mk

    AFC Wimbledon vs MK Dons

    Only benefit I can see about the majority of our fans choosing not to go is that the beam back has sold over 800 tickets at £10 each with all the money going to our club. Would have been good sell out the allocation, but oh well. I'll be there :bg:
  8. sk8mk

    AFC Wimbledon vs MK Dons

    I actually think it will be alright. There will be a huge police presence who will be experienced in dealing with clubs with worse supporters than both our clubs.
  9. sk8mk

    AFC Wimbledon vs MK Dons

    Surprised there wasn't already a thread for this game, but with only 3 points separating the two teams it should be a close one. Hopefully we don't play as bad as we did on Saturday otherwise I can see us losing this. Hope Lewington joins us in the away end as well! :bg:
  10. sk8mk

    The one you've all been waiting for (MKD v AFCW)

    Don't worry AFC
  11. sk8mk

    The one you've all been waiting for (MKD v AFCW)

    Was actually quite refreshing to see a referee give most the decisions to us for once! Definitely thought we were the better team, and it's nice to break our 9 month winless streak at home!
  12. sk8mk

    FA Cup second round #WembleyBound

    Karl Robinson vs MK Dons shall be strange
  13. sk8mk

    Karl Robinson gone

    I don't want Gerrard unless he will have a very experienced assistant who could pretty much do the job for him.
  14. sk8mk

    Karl Robinson gone

    Shame it didn't work out for him this year, as in the past we have had some great games / players over his time. Hopefully a new manager will kick the players into gear so we can at least push for playoffs, as I don't think the squad is that bad. I don't think we're a bad prospect for any...
  15. sk8mk

    Dons going home - confirmed

    Should make a nice league 2 ground.
  16. sk8mk

    Bolton v MK Dons

    We'll concede 2 goals in the first 30mins, then spend the rest of the game trying to pull it back, with Bolton taking their foot off the pedal. Eventually in the 93rd minute we will pull one goal back. Lose 2-1
  17. sk8mk

    Stickied League One Away Support Thread 2023/24

    2065 Millwall at MK


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